Dragon Ball Super” debuted On October 8 the much-awaited and heavily speculated one-hour special. Both episodes 109 and 110 give the fandom the answers as to why it is the most popular anime series. From the awesome new form of the fan-favorite Saiyan Goku to the intense exchange of blows between the Saiyan and Jiren the Gray, the one-hour special has indeed lived up to the hype it has previously advertised to the fandom.

At the end of the one-hour special, a new preview for the next episode shows Hit getting into a fight with Jiren the Gray and it appears, the Universe 6's Assassin has no match to the Pride Trooper.

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New episode preview

Toei Animation released today a brief preview for Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The 30-second trailer contains the intense fight between Universe 6's Assassin Hit and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray. [VIDEO] It appears that all the attacks initiated by Hit are countered by his opponent.

There are several scenes where Hit appears to be hurt by Jiren’s attacks.


The upcoming episode is titled “The Surreal Supreme Battle! Hit vs Jiren.” Several fans were speculating based on the provisional titles that Hit could have intervened in Goku and Jiren’s fight as payback to the Saiyan’s good-deed. However, as shown in the one-hour special, the Assassin tried to attack the Pride Trooper in the hope that it could send him out of the arena while he is busy fighting Son Goku.

Based on the previous spoilers, [VIDEO] and as shown in the episode preview, it appears that Universe 6’s Assassin has no match to Universe 11’s ace fighter. However, Hit is not the type of fighter who will give easily give up the fight. As a warrior who has existed in the Multiverse for more than a thousand years, his experience could spell a lot of difference in his upcoming fight.

The title of the upcoming episode describes the next fight as surreal. Most likely, because the battle will feature two of the most powerful and skilled warriors, fans will see a dream-like and almost unreal battle. So far, the upcoming fight has raised a lot of questions. This includes, what will Hit do to counter Jiren’s movement prediction ability? Since his Time-Skip is revealed to have no effect on his opponent, what technique will he use?

Fans are still in awe of the recently concluded spectacle they have witnessed in the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” today. With the latest Episode 111 preview, it appears that there are many interesting and exciting things to look forward to in the Tournament of Power.