The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” is set to air this weekend and it will highlight another huge battle, which will be between Jiren of Team Universe 11 and Hit of Team Universe 6. Another highlight in the upcoming episode is Son Goku’s new technique, which was recently teased in official teasers.

In the previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super,” which aired in a double-episode special last weekend, Team Universe 11’s Pride Trooper ace, Jiren, went up against Team Universe 7’s warrior, Goku. The huge battle was one of the major and most anticipated highlights of the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc.


However, the various battles in the Tournament of Power not only showed the strengths of the participating universes, but also revealed new powers emerging from various fighters. Goku, who has always aimed to be strong, has recently surpassed his limit and unveiled a new skill.

Anime introduces Goku’s new power

Last weekend’s double-episode special was no doubt jaw-dropping, especially the huge bout between Goku and Jiren. However, the revelation of Goku’s new power, which could even be an entirely different transformation, was the biggest highlight in the arc.

The gods have acknowledged Jiren to be the mortal being who is capable of surpassing a god of destruction, but Goku’s awakened power might have just given them more to worry about. Goku’s power was triggered by his ultimate attack called Spirit Bomb, which backfired after Jiren was able to counter it, and it unleashed the Ultra Instinct.

Goku attained this difficult mental state, which is a skill that the Supreme Kais and gods of destruction possess, during the Tournament of Power and he was able to use it to fight on par with Jiren. However, the Saiyan was only able to use the Ultra Instinct for a short period of time, which led Jiren to land the final blow and win this round.


Goku gets another new skill?

New official updates for “Dragon Ball Super” episode 111 teased that Goku will attempt to perfect a new power called Master of Self-Movement. The upcoming episode has yet to reveal if this new technique is connected to the newly achieved Ultra Instinct skill.

Goku apparently forces himself to master this new technique so he can continue to fight in the Tournament of Power. After being severely wounded from his fight with Jiren, other warriors from various universes have decided to target the Saiyan.

Perfecting the Mastery of Self-Movement might unlock a way for him to control Ultra Instinct skill and reveal a whole new level of controlled power.

The new episode of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series will air on October 15.