Although "#Dragon Ball Super" episodes 109-110 don't come until October 8, there are already spoilers for Episode 111. This might excite the fans of the long-running anime. The upcoming hour-long special will be featuring the most awaited fight between Jiren and Goku. But it appears that the thrills will continue through Episode 111 of "Dragon Ball Super."

The Tournament of Power is getting more intense and the upcoming episodes will feature epic battles that the fans had been looking forward to. While many are excited for the battle of Jiren and Goku, the match between #Hit and Jiren is also something to anticipate.

Jiren vs. Hit

Spoilers were revealed by translator Todd Blankenship, who is known as @Hermes98 in Twitter.

Since the teaser image was in Korean, he translated it to English, unveiling the possible events in Episode 111.

It appears that the Universes 7 Super Saiyan will fail to defeat Jiren [VIDEO] since the Pride Trooper will still face the assassin of Universe 6, Hit. The synopsis of the next episode reveals that Jiren will seriously wound Goku but he will not totally eliminate him. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 111 is titled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren,” which tells viewers that after Jiren's major battle with Goku, he is set to face another strong opponent.

Since Jiren is the strongest warrior of Universe 11 and Hit is the strongest fighter of Universe 6, this means that the battle will indeed be exciting to watch. Two strong warriors are set to face each other and both of them will do their best for their own universe.

Who do you think will win the match?

Goku's new form

Additionally, the synopsis of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 111 also talks about the new form of Goku. It called Goku's new power [VIDEO] the "Mastery of Self-Movement" wherein his body will react on its own. Will Goku be able to master this new transformation?

While Goku is knocked down, Jiren and Hit will fight. But there is a possibility that once Goku regains his strength, he will face Jiren once again. Fans know that Goku never stops until he discovers the weakness of his opponent.

With this, fans are curious about who Jiren really is and what made him very strong. If Goku and Hit cannot defeat him, who among the warriors will put this fighter down? Viewers will soon find out in the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super."

The next episode of the anime is set to air on Oct. 8 while Episode 111 will air on Oct. 15. Are you excited for the events of the upcoming episodes of the show?