The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” has finally aired and it featured several fights including the huge battle between Team Universe 6’s legendary assassin and Team Universe 11’s ace from the Pride Troopers. The new episode also gave fans a glimpse of the other battles taking place in the arena.

The Universe Survival Saga arc kicked off last year but the Tournament of Power took place just a few months ago. With already two universes annihilated and 24 minutes left in the battle royal, the arena takes on a dramatic change that increases the tension of the participating universes.

Hit vs. Jiren

The battle between the aces of Team Universe 6 and Team Universe 11 was on a whole new level.


Hit and Jiren initially fought on an equal level, but the latter was more powerful that he eventually defeated and eliminated the legendary assassin.

Hit’s defeat was a painful loss for Team Universe 6, but this did not weaken the team’s morale. The remaining warriors for Hit’s team are Cabba, Caulifla, Kale, Pilina, and Saonel. The Saiyans and Namekians have started to scout the arena to play out their roles in the tournament to ensure their universe’s victory.

Namekians vs. Team Universe 6

After being knocked out by Jiren, Son Goku was left severely wounded, but thanks to Frieza unexpected aid, the Saiyan has drastically healed. Goku took this time to check on the fight between Hit and Jiren, but because he was weakened from his previous fight, Goku has become a top target of the other teams.


The Namekians of Universe 6 has set on ambushing on Goku, but Team Universe 7’s Son Gohan and Piccolo were keen on protecting Goku. The two were able to block Saonel and Pilina’s attacks and eventually engaged them in a battle.

Kamikaze Fireballs vs. Vegeta

Before Goku took on Jiren’s challenge, he was already fighting Rebrianne from Team Universe 2. Shortly after Goku and Jiren’s bout kicked off in last weekend’s episode, Vegeta took on Rebrianne and their fight continued in Dragon Ball Super” episode 111.

Vegeta almost defeated Rebrianne, but her teammate Su Roas, who transformed into Rozie, saved her just in the nick of time and they were able to run away and hide from Vegeta. After fighting someone as strong as Vegeta, Rebrianne’s conviction falters, but Rozie did her best to put the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs back on track.


Pride Troopers vs. Team Universe 3

Shortly after eliminating Hit, Jiren decided that there was no more warrior left in the arena that is worth fighting and went into meditation. The rest of the Pride Troopers, Toppo and Dyspo were enough to take on the rest of the warriors in the arena.

During Jiren’s meditation, warriors from Team Universe 4 took this opportunity to attack and hopefully defeat the monster from Universe 11, but they couldn’t land a scratch on Jiren. Toppo explained that Biarra and Catopesra were not strong enough to break through Jiren’s shielded meditation and bother him into fighting them.