While everyone is still hyped with the match between Goku and Jiren, the excitement never ends especially with the upcoming fight between Jiren and Hit. Fans are expecting that their fight will be as exciting as that of Goku and the Pride Trooper. Everyone knows that both are the most powerful warriors of their universes which assures fans that there will be another epic battle in "Dragon Ball Super."

The excitement level of fans is still high for Episode 111 which will feature the match of Jiren and Hit.


Although spoilers reveal that Hit will be defeated, many are still interested to see how the Warriors will try to bring each other down. The next episode is titled "The Surreal Supreme Battle! Hit vs Jiren!" which shows how intense it will be.

A surreal battle

According to translator Todd Blankenship with Twitter handle @Herms98, the title used "surreal" instead of "another dimension" since the fight won't take place in a different dimension. Using the word "surreal" means that the match is over the top and would be totally crazy.

Indeed, the match between Jiren and Hit is out of this world because of the warrior's immense power. Each of them already has a long track record of defeating other fighters even prior the Tournament of Power. They have proven their power and it would be very interesting to see how they will use their fighting techniques to defeat each other.

Since both fighters will not go down easily, it is considered as "surreal" and out of this world. Like Goku, Hit will be hard to defeat too. He is an incredible fighter and a terrifying assassin who would take anyone's life whom he is tasked to kill.


Hit's technique

Hit is known for using his Time Skip to put down his enemies. It is a dangerous technique that even killed Goku before. However, this technique is not invincible. Aside from that, Hit becomes stronger and stronger as a fight progress since his body can adapt and improve with the power of his opponent. This means that once Hit becomes stronger, he can defeat Jiren.

With that in mind, Jiren might do his best to finish the fight at once before Hit could equal his strength. While Jiren is stronger at the moment, the gap in power between him and Hit will lessen as they continue fighting.

But something will happen that gives Jiren an edge over Hit, eventually putting the Universe 6 trump card out of the Tournament of Power.

Watch the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" on Oct. 15 where viewers can find out how Jiren will defeat Hit.