After seeing the new form of Goku in today's "Dragon Ball Super" for the two-part one-hour special of episode 109 and 110, many are still intrigued about the "Mastery of Self-Movement" that the Saiyan showcased. fans have noted that he wasn't able to sustain his power which gave Jiren the victory for that match.

Aside from knowing what will happen to Goku in the next episodes, fans are also eager to see the match between Jiren and Hit. Viewers are aware that Hit faced Jiren, after Goku phased out, and just like the match of the Universe 11 warrior with the Universe 7 Super Saiyan, the fight between Jiren and Hit is something to look forward to.

Goku's new form according to Whis

It appears that the new form of Goku was achieved not merely because of his Saiyan blood or his skill.


Some fans are uncertain that this is actually a transformation or a mere fighting technique. Whatever that is, it seems to be a good way to power up.

The upgrade of Goku actually comes from his training with Whis. He said that Goku's thoughts limit his power and that he could only unlock his full potential once he is able to fight without thinking and without moving his body. Beerus calls this the Ultra Instinct which he says is something that gods cannot keep up for a long time.

Whis uses Beerus as an example. In the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, Beerus fought with the other gods and he managed to win against all of them. Hence, he is considered as the strongest God Of Destruction. According to Whis, Beerus is strong because he has mastered the ability to fight without too much movement.


However, Jiren has already mastered this ability. This was demonstrated by his ability to dodge debris and in his manner of fighting without the need to exert much effort. Whis even said that Jiren perhaps surpassed the level of a god of destruction. Can Goku achieve this too?

Frieza's plan

After Goku phased out, Vegeta asked him what happened, but the Saiyan said he doesn't know. While fighting with Ribrianne, Vegeta could no longer find Goku. Fans then saw the Universe 7 warrior with Frieza.

The villain is seen extending his arm as if to blast Goku but then said that he was reminded of the events that occurred in Planet Namek. To recall, Goku helped Frieza by giving him energy while on Namek so he could escape from the exploding planet.


Because of that, it appears that Frieza will help the Universe 7 hero by giving him his energy. With this, Goku will be able to face Jiren once again. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 111 is set to air on Oct. 15 titled "Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren!!"