Dragon Ball Super” just aired two new episodes this weekend and featured the long awaited battle between two of the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power. Episode 110 aired immediately after Episode 109 and it featured not just one huge fight but the transformation of one of the anime’s major characters.

The Universe Survival Saga arc kicked off sometime last year in theDragon Ball Super anime series, but it has just been months since the action-packed Tournament of Power started. The battle royal featured the mightiest warriors hailing from various universes vying to become the strongest and sole survivor.

Jiren vs. Son Goku

The Tournament of Power is far from over but many have already lost their lives to it.


Universe 9 and Universe 10 were annihilated as soon as their last warriors fell out of the arena. There are roughly 30 warriors left in the battle royal as they strive to win for the survival of their universe.

After a long wait, the highly anticipated bout between Universe 11’s warrior, Jiren, and Universe 7’s Son Goku has finally happened in a double-episode special. The special also revealed a new ending video song titled “By A 70cm Square Window” performed by Japanese band RottenGraffty.

Son Goku’s new power

The highly awaited fight between Jiren and Goku kicked off in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 109 but it wasn’t until the next episode that Goku’s new power was revealed. The huge battle between the strongest Pride Trooper and Saiyan did not end well for Team Universe 7.


To make things more difficult, the fight went on for two rounds. The second round took place in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 110 when Goku returns from oblivion, shortly after the gods deduced that he killed himself by unleashing his Spirit Bomb (Genki Dama) attack.

Goku came back with renewed energy and new powerful transformation, which they referred to as "Ultra Instinct," so that even the gods felt threatened. It was explained that Goku most likely acquired the new mysterious power after refusing to be absorbed by his Spirit Bomb attack, which instead became the source of his new transformation.

With Goku’s newly found power, he was finally fighting on par with Jiren, making the latter actually fight for his survival.


However, when the Saiyan was about to land the finishing blow, his mysterious transformation suddenly stopped and his energy drastically depleted, giving Jiren the chance to land the last blow instead.

Fortunately, Goku wasn’t eliminated from the Tournament of Power despite how badly beaten he was and now there’s no telling how he’ll get through the rest of the tournament without being the target since he’s severely weakened. As for Jiren, Universe 6’s ace warrior Hit challenges him into a fight and it is set to be the highlight of next week’s episode.