Following up the fantastic previous episode, episode 110 is a gripping half hour of "Dragon Ball Super." At its best, "Dragon Ball Z" was always about upping the stakes while finding new and exciting ways for Goku to break through his limit and became stronger.

Jiren is easily the most powerful opponent Goku has ever faced, and episode 109 did a good job of establishing the difference in their power. Now let us dive into the second half of the one hour special to see if it was worth the wait.

New power

After losing in a power struggle over the Spirit Bomb, the Saiyan ends up falling into it before seemingly being vaporized. Obviously, this is just a waste of time as nobody is going to believe that "Dragon Ball Super" would actually kill Goku.


A few minutes later, the protagonist is back with a new transformation to boot.

The new look, which is similar to the Saiyan's normal form but with a mysterious white aura, is nothing particularly special. The way he acts while in this form is interesting though, as Goku becomes very efficient in the way he attacks and moves. Toei pulled off all the stops for this one, as the animation and music are absolutely jaw-dropping. Every move feels important and heavy, with Jiren and the Saiyan trading blows.


Goku's powerful new form does not last long, as he quickly uses up all the energy. Once back to normal, Jiren defeats him with one punch. While we would have loved for this battle to last a few minutes longer, it is still fun while it lasted.


If there is one criticism for this episode, it would have to be the pacing. Too often during this half hour, "Dragon Ball Super" decided to step away from the fight to try and explain what is going on. Obviously, with so much going on, some exposition is needed, but it definitely could have been reduced.

The ending is great though, with a nearly defeated Goku using instant transmission to try and get some rest, before Frieza finds him. It ends with the villain seemingly preparing to deliver the final blow to the hero.

"Dragon Ball Super" has had its ups and down over the years, but the Universal Survival Arc is proving to be consistently great. This special is one of the only times in the series which barely includes any jokes, and the action feels genuinely epic and crucial to the story.


Humour is all well and good, but some of the fights have suffered from a lack of tension and stakes. With literally billions of lives on the line, this arc is about as important as the series is ever likely to get.