Dragon Ball Super” has started the second half of the Tournament of Power over the weekend that surprisingly eliminated Cabba from Universe 6. Most fans were glad that Vegeta was there to save the younger fighter from being knocked out of bounds when Monna from U4 cornered him. He chose to fight the massive girl fighter, who originally challenged Kale and Caulifla. The young Saiyan interfered and asked the two female warriors to just save their stamina for future battles. Theories have it that both girl Saiyans will have to fuse soon to create a Super Warrior, which has been recently confirmed.


Kale and Caulifla, the Super Warrior fusion

On Twitter, Todd Blankenship quickly shared his English translation of Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 provisional title, which somehow confirms that Kale and Caulifla will fuse to fight Son Goku. The translated title is “Goku vs Kafla” and according to the translation, the words roughly describe the union of the two female Saiyans. “This is ケフラ/Kefura in Japanese, and while not certain, the obvious assumption is that it's a combination of the names of Kale (ケル/Keru) and Caulifla (カリフラ/Karifura),” he wrote.

Cabba’s sacrifice

The most recent episode has showcased Cabba, who sacrificed himself just to save both her female Saiyan pals from a backbreaking battle. He believes that the two warriors’ potentials are necessary for winning the tourney and decided to fight Monna instead. The girls were reluctant at first, but he managed to convince them and tried to fight off the Universe 4 warrior.


Although he succeeded in eliminating the huge fighter when he transformed into Super Saiyan 2, the boy failed to take down Frieza. The baddie used his Golden form to counterattack Cabba, who collapsed and was knocked out of bounds.


What Cabba did was a huge heroism as he didn’t allow his female trainees to get eliminated too early. Apparently, the anime has the reason for these girls not to use their energy just yet as they are about to fuse in an upcoming episode. One of the episode synopses recently revealed that Caulifla will challenge Goku to fight, but she finds herself at a disadvantage.

She asks her protégé Kale to help her against the hero and the latter goes Berserk, but the summary suggests that something happens unexpectedly.

If it means fusion, then everyone should look forward to seeing the birth of a new Super Warrior soon. “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 115 is slated to air on November 12. Don’t miss it!