A new preview for Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super” was recently released, confirming one of the speculations in the fan community. On October 29, Episode 113 of the popular anime series officially aired and gave the fans the fast-paced action that they have been requesting.

The fight between two Saiyans from Universe6 and Universe7 was crazy. Goku and Caulifla both fought at Super Saiyan 2 power level which pleased the fans as much as it delighted the Zenos. Caulifla went all out to defeat the fan-favorite Saiyan in hope that he will teach her to achieve Super Saiyan 3.

New preview

Right after the official airing of Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super,” Toei Animation dropped a new preview for the next episode. The trailer is a brief 40-second video showcasing a new opponent that Universe7’s Son Goku will face in the next installment of the hit anime series.


Earlier spoilers hinted on the birth of a new Super Warrior that would be created out of the fusion of the two Saiyans from Universe6.


As revealed in the latest preview, Episode 114 is titled ”Intimidating Passion, The Birth of a New Super Warrior.” The episode is scheduled to air on November 5 and will feature the continuation of the crazy fight between Goku, Caulifla, and Kale. There are several scenes in the trailer where Goku can be heard saying that Kale was able to achieve her Legendary Saiyan form. Just before the preview ends, a new character emerged from the background. She has the resemblance of Kale and Caulifla.

Could this be Kefura or the new warrior produced by the fusion of Kale and her mentor? The character is also seen sporting a Potara earring.


After seeing the preview, several fans have had negative reactions about the fusion and the earring. Some claim that the Potara earring will disqualify them because it is not allowed in the Tournament of Power. Some fans, however, are happy to see the new fighter and are excited to see how she will fair with the fan-favorite Saiyan who is trying to regain his stamina.

Champa’s secret plan

The emergence of the new character in the episode preview further confirmed the information from the previous spoiler of the upcoming episode. In the synopsis from Jump Magazine, it was revealed that Champa would ask the Saiyan girls to attempt the secret plan. Many fans believe that the secret plan of Universe6 is the fusion that will give birth to a new powerful character.


Will Goku’s power and abilities be enough to defeat Kefura in Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super?”