The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” has uncovered many mysteries about the fighters in the Tournament of Power. This includes the unfathomable power of Jiren the Gray and the new state unlocked by the fan-favorite Saiyan—Ultra-Instinct. As the Grand Priest changes the color of the atmosphere in the World of Void, fans are hoping that the second half of the Tournament of Power will be more intense and exciting. Toei Animation and Bandai Namco give fans a taste of this epic fights in episodes 109,110, and 111.

Interestingly, the upcoming episode appears to contain another twist in the plot. There are speculations right now in the community that Frieza will play an important role in shaping the future episodes in the tournament.

New spoilers

As revealed in the scan of the Japanese publication V-Jump, Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super” will turn the spotlight to Vegeta and Cabba. It was previously revealed that Vegeta will unexpectedly save Cabba when he was about to be eliminated in the tournament. The Prince of all Saiyans even advised the young fighter to fight to be MVP. The spoiler further revealed that the supervillain from Hell witnessed this and never liked it.

Golden Frieza

A recent tweet further intensifies the discussion about Frieza's role in Episode 112 from one of the voice actors and director of “DBS,” Toshio Yoshitaka. In his official Twitter account, [VIDEO] the director shared an image showing three action toy figures of Vegeta and Cabba with Golden Frieza zooming in the center appearing like he is poised to launch an attack.

Yoshitaka captioned the image with the statement, “Vegeta’s Resolution. This episode is a must-see!!”

Upcoming twist

Although fans have already expected that future episodes of the popular anime series will showcase the supervillain in action, the potential of seeing him in his golden form is unexpected. In the entire run of the Tournament of Power, there is only one episode where Frieza showed his golden form. However, he used it as an extra flavor to deceive [VIDEO]Frost.

If the recent speculation is accurate, it is possible that Cabba will show an unbelievable power for the supervillain to use his powered-up form. Fans know too well that the supervillain can easily eliminate ordinary fighters by just using his tail in his base form. Most likely, since he is a Saiyan, Cabba will give Frieza a good fight triggering him to use his golden form. Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 22.