No “Dragon Ball Super” episode was aired last October 1. Several hours after its hiatus, Toei Animation dropped the new preview for the series’ one-hour special that is scheduled to air on October 8. The new video showed the highly anticipated form of Son Goku. It appears that the team behind the fan-favorite anime series continues to hype about the two-part event. The one-hour special will feature the epic fight between Son Goku and Jiren the Gray.

There are several details in the latest special preview that hint about the upcoming back-to-back episodes. Here is a rundown of the details that you may have missed.

Genki Dama

In the latest trailer released for “Dragon Ball Super,” Goku is seen throwing a massive ball of Genki Dama towards Jiren.


While most focus is on how Jiren will deflect it, many fail to see the Saiyan’s form when he prepares to throw it. Interestingly, the Saiyan is in his base form, contrary to the previous belief that he will be in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Most likely, he throws the Genki Dama and Jiren, instead of being consumed by the Spirit Bomb just deflected it back to him.

Then Goku charges to SSBlue Kaioken and pushes the ball towards the awaiting opponent. Jiren’s face lit up with the incoming attack but he appears unperturbed. His expression seems like he knows that the attack is coming and that he can withstand it.

Goku’s shirt

After the massive Genki Dama, Goku is seen exhausted and he looks like a wreck.


Then he was enveloped by blinding flashes of white and light blue lights. The light explodes and reveals the Saiyan with a silver pair of eyes and black hair. He is shown with a fierce cold look in his eyes.

Interestingly, the trailer shows that Goku has his shirt on when he reveals his new form. In the images released by Toei Animation about the Saiyan’s new form, he was shown without his shirt. Fans even noticed the battle marks scattered all over his upper body.

This could mean that Goku will show his new form and will give Jiren the Gray a good fight. While it is a general knowledge that something will happen to Goku that will result to Hit fighting Jiren, that detail is now revealed in the trailer. Fans can speculate that the Saiyan with his new form might be overwhelmed by the surge of power in his body and knock himself down.


Jiren’s reaction

Another interesting detail shown in the latest preview of “Dragon Ball Super” is Jiren’s priceless reactions. When Goku tries to use the Spirit Bomb to him, his reaction shows that he is confident he can overcome it. However, after Goku shows his new form, Jiren’s eyes widened and his expression appears like he is gawking. This could mean that the fighter from Universe11 may have previously studied how Goku fights along with his power and techniques. However, this new form with an unbelievable amount of power is a big surprise to him.