Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power is already halfway over at the end of the most recent episode, where the Great Priest changed the sky color from blue to green. The change was to signify that it’s another start of the battle royal’s second half with Vegeta as its next highlight in the upcoming episode. The prince of all Saiyans will be the next focus of the anime as Goku is still recovering from his gruesome battle against Jiren The Grey. Universes 6 and 7 are two universal counterparts, and the Warriors have also helped each other a few times in the tournament. Now, it seems that there is another alliance happening between [VIDEO] the fighters of these two teams.

The Saiyan alliance

A brand new synopsis has recently been dropped forDragon Ball Super” Episode 112, which suggests Vegeta will help a warrior from another team [VIDEO] in the person of Cabba from Universe 6. The younger Saiyan will be cornered by Universe 4’s Monna and by the looks of it, the fighter will be in a lot of trouble. However, Vegeta goes to his rescue as seen in the preview, who tries to keep Cabba from getting out of bounds when the U4 warrior put him in a tight spot. The prince tells the younger Saiyan to fight to be the MVP, and it seems that the U6 fighter does his best against Monna.

Cabba’s predicament

The younger Saiyan seems to be having a hard time keeping up with Monna’s high-speed attacks, leaving him almost knocked out of the Battle Arena.

However, Vegeta tries to challenge him to fight and as a fellow Saiyan, Cabba follows what the prince tells him. The trailer shows the boy pushing through his fight against the Universe 4 warrior. However, someone is not impressed by Vegeta’s good act and will go after the young fighter. Apparently, it’s Frieza who doesn’t seem to like how his teammate helps an opponent.

Frieza targets Cabba

Before the preview for the upcoming episode ended, the resurrected villain can be seen holding Cabba with his face in the most threatening looks. Then the younger Saiyan can be heard screaming in pain, which only means one thing – Frieza goes after him following Vegeta’s attempt to help the boy against Monna. The former emperor of evil has been watching the fighters all these time – planning some stance. If we are to consider his vendetta against the Saiyan race, we won’t be surprised if he targets most of the Saiyan warriors in the tournament.

Don’t miss “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 112 on October 22. Stay tuned!