A few minutes ago, the official website of Toei Animation [VIDEO] revealed some incredibly important news regarding the most powerful warrior in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. Up to this point, the power of the mighty Jiren has been a mystery to the "Dragon Ball" fandom. Thanks to this recent revelation, the mystery surrounding Jiren has finally had some light shed on the subject!

The true power of Jiren

The official "Dragon Ball Super" website contains a section dedicated to information about each fighter participating in the tournament of power. This data is updated as the series progresses and new information is revealed.

As of a few minutes ago, the information about universe eleven's Jiren was updated, clearing up many mysteries surrounding his character. Here is the information that is provided.

Jiren is the most powerful warrior in universe 11. He is a quiet, but a fearsome warrior that is proud of his great strength. After much training, his strength has reached the level of a God Of Destruction.

As you can see, the official information states that Jiren's power is similar to that of a god of destruction. It has been speculated since the start of the tournament that he possesses such a level. The confirmation of this theory is somewhat surprising, making it clear to us that Goku is not even close to being at the level of a god like Beerus.

How did Jiren get this great power?

One obvious answer is that he trained to reach his immense level of power, however, everything seems to indicate that Jiren is a character who has lived a long life, similar to Hit. As you may already know, the assassin of Universe 6 is over 1000 years old. It is logical to believe that obtaining his great power would occur naturally with training over such a long lifespan. Of course, Jiren is not a normal individual, since he is a prodigious warrior with unique abilities.

Knowing this, it makes sense that Jiren will win the first battle against Goku since his power is not even close to the level of a God of Destruction. That being said, it would be ridiculous for Goku to be able to match Jiren in combat at his current power level.

However, this leads us to believe that sooner or later, Goku will surpass the power of Beerus, otherwise, he will not be able to defeat Jiren.

The only way Goku can compete against Jiren without surpassing Beerus is with the use of his new technique, the mastery of "Self Movement". If Goku manages to master this ability, he will be able to compete with Jiren despite having a much lower power. We can confirm this thanks to Whis, who has mentioned that those who master this ability will be able to avoid virtually any danger, however deadly it may be.