The incredible news was revealed a few hours ago, as the provisional title of chapter 115 [VIDEO] gives us the name of the new Super Warrior that will appear in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. This character will appear in episode 114 but will face Goku in chapter 115.

Son Goku vs Kefura

The title of episode 115 mentions a battle between the seventh universe Saiyan and a character named Kefura. Everything seems to indicate that this is the fusion between Kale and Caulifla since the combination of their names carries a striking resemblance to the name of this new character.

On the other hand, in chapter 112, Cabba mentioned that Kale and Caulifla are the keys to the survival of the Universe 6 team.

After this, the young Saiyan of Universe 6 decided to protect them to the point of being eliminated from the Tournament of Power.

How do they manage to merge?

Universes 6 and 7 are twins, so it would not be strange for Universe 6 to be inhabited by the Metamoru race. However, there is no conclusive proof that they will perform such a merger. Even so, it is known that Cabba is a Saiyan who tries to protect his Universe and is a warrior of justice. Considering this, surely he has encountered the Metamoru race or is at least aware of their existence. With that, we can assume that Cabba knows the technique of fusion and decided to teach Kale and Caulifla as a backup plan in the event that Universe 6 is on the brink of elimination.

The power of Kefura

The most interesting thing to analyze is the power that this fusion will produce considering its two parts possess amazing powers.

The transformation in Super Saiyan of this fusion should be just as strong as Super Saiyan Vegerot considering these universe 6 Saiyans possess powers similar to those of Goku and Vegeta in their lower forms. However, neither of the 2 possess God Ki, so they can not access the Super Saiyan God form. Even so, Kale possesses the unique Super Saiyan Berserk transformation, which has already displayed incredible power against Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Taking this into consideration, using this transformation fused with Caulifla, Kefura's power should be comparable to Super Saiyan Blue or perhaps more.

It should be noted that it has not been confirmed that Kale and Caulifla will merge. There is still the possibility that this new character named Kefura is a completely new character that will be introduced in an upcoming episode. Nevertheless, considering the name of this character, everything indicates that we will see a new fusion in an upcoming episode.