A big revelation took fans of "Dragon Ball Super" by surprise this week. The synopsis of chapter 112 reveals an unexpected event for all of us and will change the outcome of the story, as well as the fate of Universe 6.

After witnessing the battle between Goku and Jiren, the assassin of the Universe 6, Hit, was ready to battle against the powerful warrior of Universe 11. Unfortunately for the fan-favorite character, Hit, the outcome of this battle will not be what the fans desire. Sadly, Hit will be eliminated from the tournament.

Episode 112

Now that Universe 6 has lost Hit, the rest of the Universes take advantage of the situation and attack them without mercy.


In the midst of the attack, Vegeta hurries to save his disciple, Cabba.

To allow Caulifla and the others to fight against more powerful enemies, Cabba fights against Mona of Universe 4. However, Cabba is quickly demolished and is nearly eliminated but is saved by his mentor, Prince Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince then tells Cabba that he must fight without mercy or regret, the survival of his Universe is at stake.

The terrible elimination of Hit

The elimination of Hit is a topic we must explore further. The Universe 6 assassin was one of the most powerful warriors in the tournament of power and will, unfortunately, lose his fight against Jiren. After this, the Universe 6 captain will be watching as a spectator, resulting in many problems for Champa's team, who will be greatly affected by this loss.


In the preview of episode 111, Hit is shown on the edge of the platform in his fight against Jiren. In several scenes in the preview, we are also shown Hit landing powerful strikes at the heart of Jiren, which could leave the powerful warrior of Universe 11 wounded.

It should be noted that Hit's techniques are lethal, no matter the power of his opponent. For this very reason, he is the most famous assassin in all of the Universes. Unfortunately, due to their great power difference, Hit will lose his match against Jiren, leaving his team on the brink of elimination. We believe even though the numbers are favorable for Universe 6, the mere echo of losing Hit will demoralize the rest of the warriors of Universe 6.


There is also speculation that Goku will try to help Hit, although it will be useless since he has used all of his power in his battle against Jiren. On the other hand, Hit has already repaid his debt to Goku, helping him when Jiren was going to eliminate him by interrupting the battle.

That is the latest news related to the Universe of "Dragon Ball." Watch the video below for more insight.