For Episode 109 (which will be a special episode), there are a lot of expectations in terms of what people will see, including the return of Goku’s Spirit Bomb, and the beginning of the battle between the Saiyan and Jiren.

As usual, some information regarding this special episode has leaked out, and I will share with you all the news I have gathered. Keep in mind that such information comes from official sources.

Official advancements on episode 109

The God that rules everything decided to celebrate the Tournament of Power in which 10 warriors from 8 selected Universes fight against each other in a Battle Royale-style contest to determine which one is the strongest of all. The winner will earn the right to survive, while each universe that is defeated will be erased from existence.


Knowing this, Goku enters the contest representing Universe 7 along with 9 more warriors of his choosing. Among these warriors, I can find Androids 17 and 18, and even the former emperor of evil, the recently revived Lord Frieza.

Even though Beerus’s team has lost both Krillin and Tienshin Han, Universes 6 and 7 still have eight more warriors in the arena, from a remaining total of 32 contenders.

As warriors and universes fall, Beerus notices something odd about the number of warriors from Universe 4. In the meantime, Jiren from Universe 11 gets in Goku’s way. Not even the Kaioken x20 is capable of dealing the slightest damage to the strongest warrior from Universe 11. This will force Goku to play the ace up his sleeve.


Amazing revelations from the synopsis

This special review brings many interesting facts. One of them is that Vegeta will not be eliminated in the upcoming episodes. Another interesting fact is that Universe 6 will not be suffering any elimination until episode 109, so the battle between Hit and Jiren will not be happening. In the same matter, Universe 7 will suffer no casualties either.

But the most interesting fact is that Goku will be using the Kaioken x20 against Jiren, though it will be for naught. We believe that this will force the Saiyan to use the Spirit Bomb. Sadly, this technique won’t deal any damage to Jiren the Grey, so the strongest warrior from Universe 11 will not be put under pressure.


That is at least until Goku manages to unleash the power of his new upcoming transformation.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time enjoy the online episodes of past 'Dragon Ball Super.'