Dragon Ball Super” has its own way of surprising a lot of fans, especially with its ongoing Universal Survival Arc that puts the Tournament of Power in the spotlight. The anime has also introduced new characters who are joining the battle royale, including the two female Saiyans – Kale and Caulifla. Both warriors are representing Universe 6 in the tournament and have shown what they can do. However, it seems that they have something bigger up their sleeves as their powers might end up getting combined soon.


Recently, one of the anime’s writers teased the character fusion in an upcoming episode, which somehow confirms the female fighters’ involvement.

Character fusion

On Twitter, “Dragon Ball Super writer Toshio Yoshita teased fans about a fusion between the female Saiyans of Universe 6, which has been making rounds on the Internet. “Good morning,” he wrote. “EP115. Goku vs Kefla. What's Kefla!?” The writer was the one who wrote Episode 112 as well as Episode 115, which suggests the possible power fusion between Kale and Caulifla.

If this happens, then it certainly won’t nix Cabba’s sacrifice to fight Monna instead during the most recent episode. The boy asked the two girls to save their stamina for future battles and not to fight just yet, as he believes they have more important roles in the tournament.

Kale and Caulifla vs Goku

Recently, fans and known translators, including Todd Blankenship, shared English translations of Episode 115's provisional title, which suggests the name “Kefla” or “Kefura” in Japanese.


Apparently, it’s a possible combination of the names Kale and Caulifla. The female Saiyans are set to go all out against Goku, who is still recovering from his deadly fight against Universe 11’s Jiren The Grey. Caulifla, the leader of the Saiyan punks, challenges the hero to fight against her. However, she finds herself in a predicament and asks her protégé, Kale, to help her take down Goku.

The birth of new Super Warrior

The synopsis for Episode 115 has also been released, which suggests that as soon as Kale goes Berserk, something happens unexpectedly.

Theories have it that the two female Saiyans are going to fuse, creating the new powerful warrior. If it turns out to be true, then Ribrianne of Universe 2 is not the only girl who can fuse, but Kale and Caulifla too – in the persona of Kefla. The girls have just learned how to go Super Saiyan through Cabba’s help and we’ve seen how powerful they are. If they fuse, then we have a good reason to look forward to seeing the new Super Warrior in action soon.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 115 is slated to air on November 5. Don’t miss it!