A new set of titles and summaries for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” recently surfaced online. The most recent leak confirms the previous provisional titles that were released a few days before the one-hour special aired. One of the titles that caught the attention of most fans is that of Episode 114. It is titled “Ghastly!! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior.” This lead fans to speculate on what the title could possibly mean. Is it telling the fandom that there will be a new fighter that will enter in the Tournament of Power? Is it a new form that one of the fighters will achieve during the tournament?

New Super Warrior

Recently, a new set of toy figures [VIDEO] was revealed online promoting the launch of a new warrior in the hit anime series.

Many fans are speculating that the figure is Jiren while others believe it is the slimmed down Jiren or the Gray Priest. However, a response to a fan seems to be a reveal and a confirmation about this heavily speculated warrior. On Twitter, a fan asked one of the voice actors and director of “Dragon Ball SuperToshio Yoshita about what the title of Episode 114 mean. The director’s reply excites the community. He said that the new warrior is very strong and cool. He added that everyone will be excited about its birth.

Episode summary

In the leaked summary [VIDEO] it was revealed that in Episode 114, Goku, Kale, and Caulifla are fighting and it appears that his attacks overwhelm Kale.

She then transforms into her Berserker form. The sudden appearance of a new Super Warrior, as included in the title have fans thinking that it could be Kale perfecting her Berserker form or Goku or even Caulifla. However, based on Toshi’s statement and on the toy action figure, a Super Warrior will interrupt the Tournament of Power.

Other details

In another leaked summaries and titles, Episode 114 has a title, "Dreadful Situation, Sudden Appearance of a New Super Warrior." Could this dreadful situation be about the terrible event that the team behind the anime series has been talking about when they released the image of Goku several months ago? This Super Warrior interrupting the tournament could potentially change the way things go in the Universe Survival Arc.

If this Super Warrior is a threat to the multiverse, we might see Goku teaming up with Jiren the Gray to fight this new warrior. What intrigues me most is who could this be that could stand against the gods of destruction and the Omni-King and disturb the tournament? This is going to be exciting as the Tournament of Power continues in “Dragon Ball Super.”