Chelsea Houska DeBoer may be the laid-back mom from South Dakota on "Teen Mom 2," but she still doesn't like it when fans come to her house without warning. Evidently, one of the downsides of being on an international TV show like "Teen Mom" is that people not only recognize her house but show up to it just to say hi. According to a recent social media post, this has creeped out Chelsea and her family, especially considering that she has two small children living in her house. She has politely asked that fans no longer come to her home because it makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable.

"It's been happening enough lately."

Chelsea took to Twitter to let her fans know she wasn't happy about their sudden appearance at their house.

"I love you guys and appreciate the support and love u have for my fam but pleease [SIC] don't come to our makes us really uncomfortable," the Reality TV star wrote on her Twitter account.

"Unfortunately it's been happening enough lately where I just felt like I had to say something," the "Teen Mom 2" star added.

Fans of the show were shocked that people would not only look up where Chelsea and her family reside, but also that they would have the nerve to think they would be welcomed with open arms by Chelsea and her little family. Unfortunately for Chelsea, she is often home alone during the day while her husband, Cole works, which makes her feel even more uncomfortable.

The fact that people are finding out where these moms live might mean they need to employ some extra security.

Other controversies

Chelsea is one of the young women on "Teen Mom" that is reasonably controversy-free. The mom-of-two is one of the best-loved on the entire series, and many have said they appreciate how she's matured since she gave birth to Aubree Skye as a teenager.

But recently, the young mother was the center of a controversy over something many children do routinely: giving her son his vaccines. In a recent episode of the show, she was shown taking her young son, Watson, to the doctor to have his routine vaccinations, where her husband Cole met her so that they could both be there for the baby.

However, many fans took to social media to let Chelsea know they thought she was harming her baby by being on the same schedule as many parents and following her pediatrician's advice. The reality TV star simply said she was waiting for this to happen and knew that the anti-vaxxer crowd would follow her on Twitter.