Kagura helps Shizuma and his friends steal the demon blades from the vault in the village. Now, Shizuma wants to bring their revolution and take down the Hidden Mist Village by killing Chojuro. But, Boruto teams up with Sarada and Chojuro to stop them. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming installments of the anime show.

Episode 30 scoop

The official summary of episode 30 reveals that Sarada is set to battle a female ninja warrior with twin swords. With the help of Chojuro, Boruto and Sarada are able to locate Shizuma at his hideout. However, Shizuma uses his Scarlet Mist Jutsu to block their vision.

The three warriors are separated and they will have to fight a one-on-one battle against Shizuma and others. First up are Sarada and the female warrior wielding the Twin Swords – Kiba. The title of episode 30 is “Sharingan vs. Twin Swords – Kiba.” It will be interesting to witness the emergence of Sharingan in the installment as Shizuma vows to cut off the eyes to get the Sharingan.

In episode 29 of the series, Kagura leads Shizuma and others to the vault and they manage to get their hands on the Demon Swords. When Chojuro finds out that the blades are gone, he vows to teach Shizuma and his friends a lesson. Chojuro wants to execute the culprits and protect the village. But, Boruto wants him to let the kids handle the situation as Shizuma is not a ninja but a thug. Chojuro agrees but wants to be with them during the fight.

Later, when Chojuro, Sarada and Boruto confront them, Shizuma uses the Red Mist Barrier to blind them and the magical Sewing Needle leaves Chojuro trapped.

Episode 31 title and spoilers

According to the official synopsis, in this installment, Boruto wants to save Kagura and take him back safely. But, Kagura has decided that he will battle against Boruto no matter what. Kagura swings his blade at Borutu. Meanwhile, Boruto tries to break the spell that Kagura should have broken but he is unable to break free. Kagura is under Shizuma’s spell and following his order. But, someone significant makes an entrance. The title of installment 31 is “Boruto and Kagura.” This episode is slated to hit the airwaves on Nov. 1.

Episode 32 title

At the time of writing this article, only the official title was released. “Quest for a Gift” is the title of episode 32. Fans can catch the new episodes of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” online via streaming websites like Crunchyroll and FUNimation. The episodes telecast on Wednesdays on TV Tokyo.