Things got nastier in the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” as the self-proclaimed New Seven Ninja Swordsmen took up arms and instigated a coup d'état. Though the new group seemed lackluster when compared to their predecessors, their leader Shizuma, was clever enough to enlist some ‘backers’ to help him overthrow the current Mizukage. Boruto felt that it is his responsibility as Kagura’s friend to bring the lost kid back to the light side. However, things were far more difficult than they initially thought because Shizuma’s spell has a firm grip of Kagura and the diplomatic relations with the Land of Water is at stake.

Seven Ninja Swordsmen reborn

Episode 29 kicked off with Shizuma’s gang stealing the Hidden Mist’s prized swords through the help of Kagura.

After testing out their legendary swords on some puppets that served as security system of the weaponry vault, Shizuma revealed to Kagura that after overthrowing Chojuro, Kagura would replace him as the next Mizukage. It became clear that Shizuma and the others want to revive the old reputation of the Hidden Mist during Yagura’s rule by putting Kagura as the figurehead of his revolution.

On the other hand, Chojuro was shaken by Kagura’s sudden change of hearts and decided that the upcoming revolution is a national emergency and eliminate all the perpetrators involved including Kagura. Boruto attempted to save Kagura by understating the current situation into a mere squabble between kids. Though the idea was hardly accepted Chojuro and Mei gave in when Boruto played the diplomatic relationship between Konoha and Kiri through his father’s influence.

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Final battle kicks off

With everything settled Boruto, Sarada and Chojuro confronted the self-proclaimed Ninja Swordsmen in the fourth shinobi war memorial. As the battle began, Chojuro was separated from the others and came face to face with Hassaku, Hebiichigo, and Kyoho. Sarada was thrown into a deep ravine where Buntan was waiting. Boruto, on the other hand, came face to face with his friend Kagura.

Chojuro might have come to regret his decision to go with Boruto’s antics because the three swordsmen instantly incapacitated him, but there is a high possibility that he is just pulling his punches since he was fighting kids. It would be pretty pathetic of him that he can’t do anything without the Hiramekarei in his hands. It seems that Chojuro was putting all hope to Boruto to talk it out with the rebel youngsters and made them see their wrong perspective of things.

As for Sarada, she will have to use her newly acquired Sharingan to defeat the Kiba wielding Buntan Kurosuki. According to the post-credit preview, the next episode will focus on the drawn-out battle between the two. Though Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is somehow new to drawn-out fighting, it is relatively a common thing in the parent series. Hopefully, things will play out nicely and exciting enough for the slow story progression.