Over the past episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Boruto together with his classmates ventured off to the Hidden Mist Village as part of their first ever out-of-town field trip. Things were going smoothly at the start of their journey, but things got pretty intense when Boruto and the gang got involved with a group who craved the dark past of the village. The conflict began to escalate, and a fight was inevitable as the Hidden Mist hoodlums kidnapped Denki to lure out Boruto. However, aside from the frenetic and action-packed battles, Kagura will reveal his tragic past to the others.

Fight to save Denki

We all know that in the past, Kirigakure was a place of brutality and bloodshed which led to its moniker ‘Bloody Mist Village.’ However, all of that changed when the leadership was transferred to Mei and Chojuro where the two worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life in the village.

Sadly, there was a small fraction of the residents who still desires to bring back the old days. These ninjas saw Boruto as a high profile target that if taken down will boost their popularity. To play for their advantages, they kidnapped Denki to lure Boruto into their trap.

It turns out the extremist factions are young ninjas under the leadership of Hoshigaki Shizuma who also hailed from Kisame’s clan of shark-like people. To save Denki, Boruto and the rest of gang will have to fight a full pledged ninjas like Shizuma, Hachiya and their lackeys. Additionally, the enemies have the home court advantage. How will Boruto get out of this mess?

Kagura’s tragic past

According to a recent episode guide translated by Ken Xyro at Twitter, Kagura will reveal his painful past to Boruto and the rest of his friends.

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It seems that he suffered a lot and done miserable things which is enough for any person to hate him and Kagura's past explains his outright refusal to take on the Mizukage mantle and inherit Chojuro’s sword. Furthermore, his past may be got something to do with why he lost control during his sparring match against Boruto.

Recently there were speculations that Kagura is the son of Yagura, the fourth Mizukage who was forced to create the horrifying Bloody Mist village. Apart from their striking resemblance, Kagura acted like he was personally responsible for the death of Iwabe’s grandfather. Looking further to Kagura’s words and actions, the theory actually made sense which explains why he felt guilty for the sins of his alleged father. For now, Let’s just wait and see Kagura’s shocking revelation on the next episode of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” on Crunchyroll.