The latest episode of the new anime adaptation series, Black Clover just aired, and it was the best episode so far. Its main highlight was the Magic Knights Examination, which Asta and Yuno took part in.

As revealed in the previous episodes, Asta and Yuno received their respective grimoires, which happened to be rare and special ones. In their personal quests to become the next Wizard King, the two set off towards the Royal Capital to take the Magic Knights Examination.

The Magic Knight squads and their captains

Shortly after arriving at the Clover Kingdom and exploring the city, Asta and Yuno headed for Castle Town Kikka, where the Magic Knight Examination was going to be held.


The anime series introduced several new characters, and Asta happened to meet one scary captain.

The first captain he met was the dangerous Yumi Sukehiro, who headed the Black Bulls Squad, and was known to be the lord of destruction. His squad carried an infamous reputation for having the most damage incurred compared to their accredited success.

Before the exams officially kicked off, the other eight Magic Knight Captains were introduced. In attendance were Feugoleon Vermillion of the Crimson Lion Kings, Charlotte Roselei of the Blue Rose Knights, and Guelde Poizot of the Purple Orcas.

The noteworthy captains who were also present included Jack the Ripper of the Green Praying Mantises, who was infamous for his immense severing magic that can split the earth into two, and the 19-year old Rill Boismortier, who's the youngest captain. The other one was Dorothy Unsworth of the Coral Peacocks, who is known to possess immense magic despite her hobby of sleeping.

The most recognized Magic Knight Captains were Nozel Silva of the Silver Eagles and William Vangeance of the Golden Dawn.

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The Silver Eagles and Golden Dawn squads only allowed people from royalty and noble elites to join them.

William Vangeance was the most potent Magic Knight Captain that he was rumored to have taken the head of an enemy general all by himself. He was also the most promising candidate to become the next Wizard King.

It is said that the strength of one Magic Knight Captain is equivalent to the strength of a hundred mages. It was revealed that the complete attendance of all nine captains at the exam was a miracle, hinting further that they were there because of Yuna and Asta’s potential and grimoires.

Asta’s path to becoming the Wizard King

It’s a known fact that Asta's unable to perform magic at this stage, but he was still bestowed with an unknown yet special five-leaf clover grimoire. The Magic Knight Examination proved to be difficult for Asta since it required the candidates to participate in six stages that mostly required the use of magic.

Every candidate had to go through tests that required one to fly a broom, show magic potential, use creation magic, use developmental magic, and even control magic.


However, the final stage required them to engage in real combat, and Asta finally had a chance to show his skills.

Asta found a new friend in "Black Clover" episode 4 named Sekke Bronzaza, who was also an exam candidate. However, the final stage revealed Sekke’s true colors when he picked Asta as his opponent.

Sekke picked Asta because the latter came out as the weakest candidate, which meant it would be an easy win for Sekke, but that wasn’t how things panned out. After belittling Asta and showing off his magic skills, Asta defeated Sekke in one powerful strike with the use of his grimoire that everyone was shocked at the unexpected twist.