#Black Cloverlatest episode just recently came out and it signals the start of the Magic Knights #Entrance Exam. The new episode starts off with Asta and Yuno finally reaching the capital after their long journey and making their way to Castle Town Kikka, the place at which the exam is taking place.

The Magic Knights system in Clover Kingdom

Previously, we’ve been shortly introduced to the system that the Clover Kingdom follows to manage the magic knights; The Magic King has under his command nine squads, each with its own captain, who are tasked with protecting the kingdom from threats be it internal or external.

And in this episode, we were finally introduced to the 9 squads and their captains, and we even got small tidbits of information regarding some of the captains.

The list of the 9 squads and their captains are:

  • William Vangeance, captain of the Golden Dawn
  • Yami Sukehiro, captain of the Black Bulls
  • Nozel Silva, captain of the Silver Eagles
  • Charlotte Roselei, captain of the Blue Rose Knights
  • Fuegoleon Vermillion, captain of the Crimson Lion Kings
  • Jack the Ripper, captain of the Green Praying Mantises
  • Dorothy Unsworth, captain of the Coral Peacocks
  • Gueldre Poizot, captain of the Purple Orcas
  • Rill Boismortier, captain of the Azure Deer

Of the 9 squads, the one mentioned to be the most powerful was the Golden Dawn, and their captain, William Vangeance, was even titled the one closest to be the next Magic King. It was also mentioned by some of the examinees that to get into either the Golden Dawn or the Silver Eagles, one would’ve to be a royal or an elite, which speaks volumes of the might of these two squads.

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The Magic Knights Entrance Exam

The exam was very short-lived, and we even got to the last stage of the exam by the end of the episode. The exam itself was a series of magical power tests, aimed at showing the abilities of each individual and how well they could control their magic power.

Our two main characters, Asta and Yuno, had two very opposite results from each other throughout the exam. Even though Yuno managed to easily clear every single test since the start of the exam, Asta faced the drawbacks of having absolutely no magical power in those tests and failed miserably in every single test.

The last test of the exam is a one-on-one showdown between every pair of examinees till one of them is either unable to continue or yields. This last test was Asta’s last lifeline since up until this point, Asta has had nothing to show for to any of captains, which meant that Asta’s chances of getting selected were close to nil.

The examinees were allowed to pick their sparring partner in this last test and Asta’s partner was Sekke Bronzazza - a character who we were first introduced to at the beginning of the episode and later introduced himself to Asta, after Asta’s unfortunate encounter with Yami Sukehiro.

Sekke’s character first appeared to Asta as a good person who was lending him a hand during the tests and giving him some pointers on what to do. Though later, when the last test started, Sekke revealed his true colors and turned out that he was sticking to Asta only to benefit from having the spotlight on him. His reason for choosing Asta as his partner in the last test was that he deduced that since Asta had no magical power, it would be an easy win for him. But to Sekke’s surprise, Asta’s anti-magic sword slashed right through his bronze magic defense and onto Sekke to knock him completely out.

What’s next for Asta?

Despite easily winning the last stage of this exam, Asta’s situation looks very bad. From the captains’ perspective, Asta either has no magical power or can’t control his magical power at all, which limits his chances of every getting selected by any of the captains. Also, despite the overwhelming win at the last stage, Asta didn’t really get the chance to show off one of his trump cards, his well above average physical prowess.

We will probably have the conclusion of this exam and the results in the next episode so here’s hoping that Asta manages to get selected by a captain. (Also, let’s just hope he stops screaming every 5 seconds)

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