Last week's episode of "Black Clover" introduced us to Asta and Yuno, a pair of orphans living in a small town. They both have the same dream of becoming the Wizard King but Asta lacks the ability to use magic in a world where magic is everything. After Yuno receives his grimoire, a magical book that heightens the power of its user, he's attacked by a thief intent on stealing it. When Asta came to his rescue, a grimoire of incredibly rare anti-magic appeared for him. The episode ended with Asta drawing a black sword, and telling us that it has the power of a demon.

The origin of the Wizard King

After a drawn out recap of what happened last week, this week's episode brought us a little bit more exposition on Asta, Yuno, and the world they live in.

Most of the episode is a flashback to when Asta and Yuno were younger and we learn a lot. They're told the story of the first Wizard King: A demon was ravaging the land until one mage stood against it, wielding the power of a rare four-leaf grimoire. He defeated the demon and the title Wizard King was passed through the generations. Hearing this story is what made Asta decide that he wanted to be the Wizard King, so he can make everybody happy.

Later on, Yuno is sent to give an important letter to the mayor. When he's gone for a long time, Asta goes to find him and stumbles upon a drunk trying to steal Yuno's pendant to sell for booze money. Yuno was beaten, but Asta attacks the man savagely, refusing to give up even after he's hit repeatedly and breaks a tooth. After the drunk stumbles off, Yuno tells Asta that he'll stop crying and become the Wizard King.

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This was interesting; at the end of last week's episode we saw a break from the aloof character of Yuno and this episode shows more depth in terms of his character. Interestingly enough, Asta was basically the same all those years ago, just as loud and stubborn.

The power of the Black Clover

We finally get to see Asta use the gigantic black sword he drew at the end of this episode, although the fight only lasts for a moment as he uses anti-magic to eliminate Revchi's chains, then a single stroke of his sword to send the enemy flying. While brief, it was an interesting fight that showcased how Asta spent years bulking up in an effort to unlock his magic, and shows how he can wield the sword better than anybody else. After Revchi is defeated and Yuno is freed, he reminds Asta of the promise they both made as children to be rivals and become the Wizard King, and they walk happily into the sunset.

The second episode of "Black Clover" was a bit slower than the first and didn't handle the exposition as well as it might have, but the chunk of backstory we got seemed like it could be rather clunky wherever it was put so it's a good thing it was dealt with in the beginning. We caught a glimpse of Asta's power and learned more about him and Yuno, and the world they inhabit. While this episode wasn't bad, I have high hopes that the next one will exceed it.