A new season has waltzed in with another new set of anime series and one of the titles that has caught the eyes of fans is the animated adaptation of Black Clover.” The new anime recently aired its first episode and has revealed a great start for a story that promises to be something big.

“Black Clover” was adapted from the manga series of the same name and it finally made its television premiere on Oct. 3. The pilot episode, which was animated by Pierrot, was aired on TV Tokyo.

Promising new series

The original manga series created by Yuki Tabata was first published in February 2015 and it has already spawned 13 volumes.


The series gained fans because of its evident similarities with various popular titles such as “Naruto,” “Fairy Tail,” and even “Bleach” when it comes to its story, humor, and art.

Prior to the release of the first season of the anime series, an original video animation (OVA) was released by Xebec in May 2017. The OVA was directed by Takashi Noto and it was released as a stand-alone special, which covered the first chapter of the original manga series.

Pierrot announced the anime series back in December 2016 and revealed that the first season will consist of 13 episodes. Funimation has acquired the license to the series and will be streaming the English-dubbed version of the Japanese animated series.

Episode 1 recap

“Black Clover” episode 1, which is titled “Asta and Yuno,” opens up with a scene featuring a little church in a small village called Hage. A priest has taken in two baby boys who were abandoned outside his doorstep, but whoever left the young ones made sure that their identities remained intact as their names were embroidered on their clothes. Yuno was also left with a special pendant.

15 years later, the two babies have grown to be feisty young men in a world where magic is a norm.

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The black-haired Yuno has become popular because of his looks and skills while the rowdy Asta became the town’s butt of jokes because of his inability to yield magic.

A tradition runs in Clover Kingdom wherein every man and woman who reaches the age of 15 must undergo a ritual to receive their unique grimoires that will enhance their magic. On the day they received their grimoires, Yuno received a rare four-leaf clover grimoire as predicted since he’s a prodigy and his village is rooting for him to become the next Wizard King.

Meanwhile, Asta, who has been looking forward to getting his own grimoire in the hopes of unleashing his sleeping powers, did not receive one at all and became the laughing stock of the event. However, a shadowy character has been lurking around and has ambushed Yuno to steal his rare grimoire.

The thief introduced himself as Revchi of Chain Magic, who was a former Magic Knight that got kicked out for undisclosed reasons. Just when Revchi decides to take Yuno’s treasured pendant, Asta appears to save the day.


Revchi pummeled Asta with his magic, taking advantage of the latter’s incapacity to wield magic but to everyone’s surprise, a special kind of grimoire appeared in front of Asta and let out a sinister magic. Asta’s grimoire had a five-leaf clover, which indicated that it possessed the powers of a demon.

The next episode, which has been titled “The Boys’ Promise,” will reveal the conclusion to Asta and Revchi’s confrontation. Aside from that, the new trailer of the upcoming episode revealed that the boys’ past will be tackled.