bethenny frankel may be busy with her Skinnygirl business these days, but she's taking some time away from her business to do something amazing. When Hurricane Harvey hit the United States last month, she was shocked at the devastation it caused. Frankel revealed she wanted to help, so she decided to raise money to help those in need. "The Real Housewives of New York" star did the same for Hurricane Irma victims and even traveled to Mexico to help those in need after the horrible earthquake. But Frankel knew she had to help when she learned that Puerto Rico had been devastated by Hurricane Maria.

According to a new Instagram post, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she is helping out people in need. Frankel is watching from the sidelines and she's realizing that the country isn't doing everything it can to help out. This millionaire decided that she wanted to help and she started recruiting help from people with companies, with big wallets and with private planes.

Own fortune to help people in need

As Bethenny Frankel revealed on Instagram, Frankel is paying for this trip to Puerto Rico out of her own pocket. She's passionate about helping people in need and she is willing to shop for supplies, tweet major companies for help, and ask people to borrow private planes. She's even tweeted Walmart to get their donations for Puerto Rico.

"Paying my own way for Puerto Rico. Filling this B up w supplies," Bethenny Frankel revealed on Instagram, sharing that she has been filling up planes with supplies.

Earlier today, Bethenny revealed that she was in San Juan and she was devastated to see what people were going through. As she explained on Instagram, people needed clean water, medical attention, and places to live.

The buildings around them had collapsed.

Disappointment in the President

While Bethenny Frankel hasn't publicly expressed disappointment in the President of the United States, many of her followers are giving her credit for doing something Trump should be doing. He has millions in the bank, and he has his private plane. He's set to travel to Puerto Rico tomorrow to see the damage for himself, but residents on the island are angered that he hasn't done more to help out.

Perhaps Frankel feels the same way but is doing something instead of complaining about it.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel's decision to hustle to get supplies to people in need? Are you following her journey on Instagram?