Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and Austin Forsyth may have only been married for a few months, but the pair is already gearing up to show off their relationship during a two-hour wedding special to take place this next Monday. The newlyweds are already expecting their first child, having announced Joy-Anna's pregnancy this summer. While the couple is still embroiled in controversy due to the fact that many believe they conceived their child before marriage (a huge Duggar no-no), they are ignoring the rumors and focusing on their life together and looking back at their wedding for the next special on "Counting On.


The couple see one another for the first time

Before exchanging vows, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth presents herself to her husband-to-be in the church before the guests arrive during a sneak peek of the new episode. Austin is, no doubt, overcome with emotion as he sees his bride-to-be, saying that she looks beautiful and that she also smells really good. He also called her the "most prettiest bride ever."

"When I saw Joy for the first time in her wedding dress, I don’t even know how to describe it. I remember just being like, 'Okay this is really it. Today we're getting married.'" Austin said in the preview.

After getting over the shock of seeing one another in their wedding best, Austin presented Joy-Anna with her wedding gift: a shadow box with every flower he has ever given her during their courtship and engagement and a heartfelt letter just for her.

The two shared a beautiful moment before separating and later walking down the aisle.

Controversy surrounding their relationship

Joy-Anna and Austin's relationship has been surrounded by controversy for quite some time. After announcing their courtship, rumors swirled that Joy and Austin had been having sex before marriage, which is a huge no-no in the Duggar household, especially since courting couples can't even be alone with one another before tying the knot.

Joy-Anna, in typical Duggar fashion, announced that she was pregnant just three months after their honeymoon. Because of the size of Joy's belly, many have assumed that the young woman was pregnant on their wedding date. Additionally, the wedding date was moved up at seemingly short notice, and had an autumnal theme, even though it took place in May. Many viewers believe this was because Joy accidentally got pregnant and they needed a way to cover it up.