The spoilers are out. "Attack On Titan" chapter 98 has finally arrived, and snippets containing information about the East Sea Clan, Tybur Clan and the upcoming war in Paradis Island have been leaked on the internet few days before the November edition of Bessatsu Shonen Monthly hits the stands on October 9.

The attack continues

After detailing Reiner Braun’s ordeal four years after his mission in Paradis Island, the latest chapter of Hajime Isayama manga series shifts focus to the brewing full-blown battle between the Marleyans and the Eldian people of Paradis Island, and the Tybur clan’s role in the 100-year war.

Eren Yeager, the series’ main protagonist, has smoothly infiltrated Marley territory by acting as a wounded soldier named Kruger (paying homage to previous Attack Titan shifter – Eren Kruger).


There, he needs to confront his previous foes once more, specifically Reiner and his brother Zeke Yeager, and take necessary steps to stop the endless cycle of tragedies that have befallen the Eldian people both in Paradis Island and in Marley territories.

Major points in Chapter 98

Reiner leads the planning for their upcoming war with the Eldians in Paradis Island. Marleyan military men turn to the Armored Titan shifter for intel because of his vast experience in dealing with Paradis Island’s terrain. He advised that the point of attack should begin north of Paradis to avert the brunt of the Eldian forces defense.

Falco is finally gaining on Gabi. Motivated to save his comrade, Falco beat Gabi in a riffle run competition for the first time.

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Looking on are the current group of Warriors: Zeke, Colt, Pieck, Reiner, and Porco, who were all amazed by the development.

Willy Tyber and general Magath had a conversation about the current state of affairs. Willy, the puppeteer of Marley, also passed the leadership of the military to Magath, and that he’s neither his senior nor a soldier but a mere person holding the steering wheel.

At the rehabilitation facility, Eren met up with Falco again, thanking the young Eldian Warrior in training, for sending the letters to his ‘family.’ He also revealed his plan to go home after the festival.

Moments after Falco left, Eren had a conversation with a certain Dr. Yeager, the father of Grisha Yeager and grandfather to him and Zeke.


Dr. Yeager told Eren that Falco’s uncle was a member of the Eldian ‘restorationists,’ years before the kid was born. At the heart of their conversation, Dr. Yeager expressed his regret for not preventing the tragedy that happened to his son and daughter.

The day of the festival has arrived, and every nation sent a representative to the event that was hosted by the Marleyan government. A woman dressed in a ‘kimono’ was also in attendance. She appeared to be a member of the East Sea Clan.

Just minutes before the curtain rose, Falco asked Reiner to follow him because they were going to meet a very special person. Reiner followed Falco all the way to a basement, where the mysterious Marley soldier was waiting. For the first time in four years, Eren met Reiner and he has a grand plan on his mind.