Dragon Ball Super” is one of the most popular anime series watched by fans all over the world every weekend. Aside from the fan-favorite Super Saiyan Goku, there are other interesting characters on the show that have captured the interests of its fan base. Fans are always happy to see in the series the classic characters like the Z Warriors.

Also, there are other characters like the angels of destruction that serve the gods. There are gods of destruction that rules every universe.

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Then, there is Zen-Oh, the super powerful character that even the gods of destruction trembles. Zen-Oh always appears with his attendants, most of the time they come in pairs.

The fanbase is now raising the question of why the most powerful being in the multiverse have bodyguards.


There are only limited instances in “Dragon Ball Super” that fans get to see the attendants of the Omni-King. In the Universe 6 Saga, these attendants watch the Tournament of Destruction from afar standing on guard alongside Zen-Oh. In the same saga, Goku tries to talk with the Omni-King, the attendants appeared before the Saiyan by opening a portal on their feet blocking him from getting near their master. The way the attendants are introduced in the series reveals that they are there to protect. But why would the Omni-King need guards when he can technically erase an entire universe without blinking an eye?

Zen-Oh Sama

In the series, Zen-Oh is shown as an epitome of a child emperor.

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He is naïve and has a childlike attitude. In the stretch of the Tournament of Power, the Omni-King is most often illustrated being very innocent and playful. Often, he would throw questions to the Grand Priest on simple things. In previous episodes [VIDEO], he was shown as forgetting the next number in the sequence while counting.

While the Omni-King has the power to erase anything, it is not clear if he can fight. Unlike other characters in the series, Zen-Oh is not yet shown fighting or in a battle. Most likely, his throne, like all other royals is bestowed to him through succession. It is possible that he came from a powerful bloodline and just inherited his authority.

There are many opinions about why the Omni-Kings have attendants. The general assumption is, he is naïve and childlike that needs protection. Zen-Oh is also holding the most coveted seat in the multiverse. Like any other ruler, there will always be threats and attempts to dethrone him. It would be interesting if Zen-Oh’s backstory will be featured in “Dragon Ball Super.”