Did you ever expect that your favorite “South Park” characters will be back on television this fall? Well, your TV viewing experience surely gets more interesting with the recent Season 21 premiere of Comedy Central’s long-running adult animated series.

“South Park” season 21 came after the series commemorated its 20 seasons last year. As part of the celebration, South Park Digital Studios introduced the “South Park 20 Experience” in Los Angeles, which featured 20 life-sized scenes created in 2D/3D formats that are perfect for photo ops.

Avid fans also got interested in “South Park: The Fractured but Whole” and Ubisoft’s Nosulus Rift, the game’s fart-smelling VR platform.

This 2017, however, series’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone continued to poke fun at the recent social issues and conflicts. So, what really happened in the season 21 premiere?

Messing with smart speakers?

If you’ve watched the series’ season premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 13, perhaps you’ve experienced something weird happening to your smart speakers at home. In the 30-minute premiere episode titled, “White People Renovating Houses,” the characters were seen shouting commands at the cartoon versions of smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home.

The interesting part, however, the viewers who have these smart speakers at home and watched the episode experienced their actual devices going off.

In fact, many of them took to social media to share how “South Park” messed up with their Alexa and Google Home devices, Digital Spy noted.

So, if you’re asking if it was an intentional prank or just a coincidental side-effect, the answer remains uncertain.

But Parker and Stone did give some hints about serialization and the possibility of “dropping the ongoing narrative aspect of the previous run.”

Recent conflicts and issues

Aside from messing with smart speakers, the series also poked some fun on recent conflicts surrounding Neo-Nazi protestors and the white nationalist movement, especially at their obsession in waving the Confederate flag.

According to TV Guide, the recent protests also became violent, making the South Park streets unsafe.

The latest episode, however, did not only highlight the issue of white supremacy. It also tackled the current issue regarding blue-collared workers, who are losing their jobs due to cheaper labor, Yahoo! Entertainment reported.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ in country style

The series is notorious in poking fun at recent issues, politics, and celebrities and the premiere episode on Wednesday was no exception. As seen in this week’s episode, Cartman was taken by surprise when his mom replaced their Amazon Alexa with a “Jim Bob,” which was described as a “literal human” who asks like a VA (virtual assistant).

A “Jim Bob” is also equipped with binoculars, calendar, books, and smartphone, among many other things, as per Rolling Stone. Cartman, however, wasn’t thrilled with Jim Bob so his mother asked the human VA to play a Kendrick Lamar song. Jim Bob granted the request and played the country version of Lamar’s “Humble.”

Avoiding Donald Trump?

Meanwhile, the previous season’s storyline focused on a Donald Trump-like character. But this season, the creators appeared to be treading lightly on the issues involving the current U.S.

president, Vanity Fair observed.

In fact, the creators reportedly said that it’s quite challenging to poke fun at someone who is “inherently so ridiculous.” So, are you excited for what’s happening next? Stay tuned on Comedy Central every Wednesdays at 10 p.m. for the upcoming episodes.