On Saturday, September 16, episode 107 of "Dragon Ball Super" will air. However, fans are eager to see episode 108, which will finally reveal to the viewers the betrayal of the tyrannical villain Frieza, and after this, his alliance with the Frost demon of universe 6, Frost, will come to fruition.

Leaked image

As you can see, an exclusive image of this episode has been leaked. In this new image, we can see Frieza and Frost together, making this a clear indication that the tyrant will betray universe 7 and will reveal to everyone his alliance with Frost. Both villains are extremely confident, denoting that they have a plan, despite being in the presence of Goku, Jiren, the gods of destruction and other deities.


Plot Keywords

For those who do not know, in this Chapter, we will see how Jimize of universe 2 torture Gohan. Frieza, who will be nearby, observes the battle with satisfaction as Son Goku's son is tortured. After this, Frieza will leave, exposing his betrayal and alliance with Frost.

It is not known exactly whether Frieza will be a participant in the torture of Gohan, or if he wants to eliminate the Saiyan from the tournament of power. On the other hand, Frost will not be eliminated from the tournament in chapter 107, where he will take revenge on Vegeta and the other members of the 7th universe team after his humiliating defeat in the past tournament between the universes.

The image revealed today is a scene from Chapter 108 which (we believe) will happen at the end of that episode, since the entire chapter will focus on the fight between Jimize and Gohan and, thereafter, Frieza's betrayal.


Considering this, it is logical to think that the image of both villains together, making notice to others of their alliance and betrayal, is part of the final minutes of the episode in question.

Will Goku defeat Frieza?

Recently, sketches of a "Dragon Ball Super" animator have been revealed. One of these sketches, which you can see below, shows how Goku landing a direct hit on Frieza. It is believed that these sketches will be animated in episode 109, which will be a special 1-hour episode. If so, Goku will be in charge of defeating Frieza. If this happens, Goku will fulfill the promise he made to his friends, in which he stated that if Frieza tried something he would stop him.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." If more information is revealed, I will publish it immediately.


For now, watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through some leaked information about this saga.