After the Great Shinobi War ended, the five Kages regularly meet for the five great nation’s peace and security. Although the five great villages were in conflict in the past, the last war brought all of them together, and it remained that way ever since.

Boruto to embarrass Naruto

In the next episode of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” Boruto is planning another attempt to embarrass his father. This time, he will do it in front of the five Kages as they meet in their village. He will try and vandalize the Hokage Rock Monuments while the Kages are having their peace meetings.

After the action-packed episode where Sakura showcased her strength, it left Uchiha Sarada inspired to take her own path and commit to her dreams.


She will announce to everyone that she wants to follow Naruto’s footsteps and become a homage someday. The next episode will also highlight the Team 7. Sarada, Boruto, and Mitsuki will make their first steps in becoming a team.

Boruto’s cursed Seal

The 15th chapter of the manga kept fans buzzing. As Boruto faced Shojoji, Boruto is determined to use his Rasengan to win against the villain. However, he was unable to move his body and suddenly became paralyzed due to extreme pain. The curse seal on his palm spread, making Shojoji cower and surprised.

Although Boruto was not able to know more details about the cursed seal, Sasuke interrogated Shojoji after he was captured. The villain revealed that he overheard a conversation among guys wearing black robes.


He came across these hooded men when he snuck in a building he robbed long time ago. These men were called Kara.

However, the seal on Naruto’s son is different from Sasuke’s cursed seal. Shojoji said that he knows Orochimaru’s cursed seals, but Boruto’s seal is completely different. The boy got the mark from Momoshiki when he tried to steal Kurama from his father. The seal was given by Momoshiki as a warning that anyone who defeated a god is not a normal person.

What is Kara?

This organization looks like Akatsuki’s successor. Little is known about Kara, with the manga mentioning one character only. Jigen is assumed to be the organization’s leader and judging from his vacant expression, he is a terrifying one.


Jigen has a triangular mark sealed on his chin with pitch-black eyes. He also wears a hooded robe, similar to the ones wore by the Akatsuki’s.

Five other members of the group were shown: A girl with curly hair, a ninja with a beard, and an elderly man. The role of the group is also unknown until now but it looks like they are connected with Momoshiki.