One of this Fall TV season's most highly anticipated offerings is "Stranger Things" season 2, which premieres on Netflix this October. So much buzz has surrounded the 2016 breakout sci-fi series, which stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Millie Bobby Brown in the Duffer Brothers-created show that pays homage to the 1980's. Stars of the series were quick to assure fans that in the sophomore season, things will get darker and scarier. Forbes recently spoke to director Shawn Levy on the future of the series.

Director best known for big screen projects

The 49-year old Shawn Levy is often best known for directing the "Night at the Museum" films and "Cheaper by the Dozen." He also served as producer for the 2016 sci-fi Academy Award-winning "Arrival" starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. On the Netflix series "Stranger Things," Shawn Levy calls himself the "surrogate big brother" of Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the show. Levy told Forbes that his job as director of the hit web series was "far more rewarding than I ever anticipated and this is very often my full-time job." While he assures fans that the experience is well worth his time and efforts, he was not aware that it would be warmly received by both viewers and critics.

In fact, the series has earned a whopping 18 nominations for this year's Emmy Awards.

Shawn Levy on how many seasons will air

While "Stranger Things" has already been renewed for a third season, the Duffer Brothers previously expressed their desire to end it with a fourth season. Some rumors even surfaced that the show would end on its third season gave that the child stars of the show may outgrow their characters.

Director Shawn Levy clarified the rumors, telling Forbes that "Right now, we have a vision and arc for this story longer than three seasons." Instead, he admitted that they are "adjusting" the storytelling so that the kids grow in line with the story. The upcoming season is in fact set a year after the events of the first season's finale.

On the future of the show

With the massive success of "Stranger Things," it's no surprise that fans and viewers are wanting more for the series. Director Shawn Levy admits that viewers will "see season two [lend] itself even more dramatically to a big screen" because it's "much more cinematic" than the previous season. He also shared that he and the Duffers even showcased the premiere episode of season one in a Hollywood theater and that the experience was definitely something they'd want to do again on a "more polished and larger scale in the future."

For now, viewers can catch "Stranger Things" season 2 this October 27 on Netflix.