The impossible has finally happened! Luffy is no longer hungry. Yes, episode 806 begins with the biggest reveal the anime has ever seen, with the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates confirming that he cannot eat another bite.

During this arc, "One Piece" is mostly splitting its time between the Luffy vs Cracker fight and Sanji's family troubles. The former gets quite a lot of focus this episode and finally reaching a climax. There are spoilers ahead.

A new power

Inflated to a massive size, the stretchy hero is so overstuffed with food that he can barely even move.Unable to eat anything else, and unwilling to throw up what he ate, Luffy transforms into fourth gear and reveals an entirely new design and power.


Cracker tries to take him on, but ends up getting sucked into the captain's stomach and shot back to Big Momma's castle. It is a pretty hilarious scene and is played with the usual over-the-topness which makes "One Piece" such a fun and unique series to watch.

Toei gets quite a bit of flack for the rather poor animation of their long-running series, but they do eventually pull off a pretty good scene. The ending to the fight between Luffy and Cracker is visually interesting and a blast to watch, as it mixes action and comedy to perfection.

Most wanted

Cracker ends up smashing through Big Momma's castle and alerts everyone to the presence of the Straw Hat Pirates. An alert is sent out throughout Whole Cake Island, as the other members of Big Momma's pirate organization seek vengeance for their fallen comrade.

After the fight ends, "One Piece" shifts focus to Sanji, as he discusses with his sister. Chopper also gets some screentime, although he remains dropped inside the mirror world. These sequences are rather slow moving, although they do have a few cool scenes.

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The episode ends with Sanji joining the rest of his family as they finally start their trip towards the main castle. As the main focus of this arc, these scenes felt like a bit of an afterthought but did their job of setting up the upcoming episodes. Anyone who reads the manga should be fully aware of what happens next, as a rather emotional scene should happen in next week's entry.


Overall, a solid enough episode of the long-running series. The opening half was the highlight, while the ending segment helped set up the next part of the story quite well.

"One Piece" continues to be a reliable but unspectacular anime, which delivers an okay adaptation of the fantastic source material.