The upcoming “One PieceChapter 877 will show the highly-anticipated battle between Luffy and Katakuri. After Big Mama’s non-stop chasing of the Sanji-retrieval team last Chapter 876, it is now time for Big Mama to attack Thousand Sunny now that the crew is out. With only Chopper and Brook left to defend the ship and being mobilized by the sticky candy ability of Charlotte Perospero, will Luffy and the whole Straw Hat Pirates make it just in time?

The much-awaited battle

According to chapter summary posted on Oro Jackson for the Chapter 877, Luffy will arrive just in time. Katakuri will foresee that they will be defeated. The two will have a face off battle, but things will not turn out well with Luffy getting a significant blow from the Whole Cake Island’s strongest fighter.


In order to defeat Luffy, Katakuri will use his mocha parry ability.

With Luffy almost defeated in the battle, Pedro will risk his life to save the Straw Hat Pirates captain. He will sacrifice himself and use the bombs he’s hiding to take down Charlotte Perospero. With his sacrifice, the Thousands Sunny and the Straw Hat Team will be able to use the Coup de Burst to escape the Whole Cake Island without them knowing of Pedro’s sacrifice. How will they react knowing that he is dead?

Fans are disappointed

After the team escaped Big Mama’s hands yet again, some fans expressed their disappointments. The last few chapters of the manga showed them trying to escape Big Mama’s wrath. When will they finally escape for good?

The big surprise

Last Chapter 876, Sanji was seen finishing the wedding cake that they will give to Big Mama.

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There will also be a big surprise waiting for her as she eats the cake. Does it contain the painting or Big Mama's biggest fear?

Meanwhile, Sanji felt relieved after seeing Charlotte Pudding safe. Charlotte Pudding’s eyes turned into hearts after seeing his reaction. It looks like Charlotte Pudding have feelings for the pirate chef even if they are just arranged to be married. However, a lot of fans cannot help but suspect if it is really in love or if she is just planning to lure Sanji to one of their plans. During the same scene, her third eye, the proof that she turns evil, has been seen open. Will she help the Straw Hat Pirates escape the island?

One Piece” Chapter 877 is set to be released on September 4 with the title “Not Sweet.” It looks like something unsweet will happen to Luffy and his team.