Fuji TV will not be airingDragon Ball Super” Episode 107 on Sunday, Sept. 10 as the show is on a hiatus. Fans will have to wait until Sept. 17 to witness the action from the Tournament of Power as Frost attacks members from Universe 7. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the new “DBS” installment.

Episode 107 scoop

In Episode 107, Frost enters the Tournament of Power with a clear agenda. He wants to beat Universe 7 and eliminate the members including Goku. Frost is from Universe 6, and he is instructed by the Kaioshin Fuwa to eliminate members of Universe 7.


Meanwhile, Tenshihan and Kuririn have been dropped out of the Tournament of Power, and Universe 7 can feel their absence. They have to win the tournament without them. Frost’s first target is the Turtle Hermit. In the preview trailer, it is revealed that Frost is using Magetta to gang up and corner Universe 7 fighters. Goku knows that Frost is a cheater and he might be up to something in the new episode.

Frost is ready to cheat and win as a lot is at stake for him. He has asked the Kaioshin for a deal.

According to the deal, if he can eliminate Universe 7 warriors, he will be given financial aid to restart his business. Also, he wants his criminal records erased completely.

The preview trailer shows Master Roshi attempting to use the Evil Containment Wave technique in Tournament of Power against Frost. However, Goku warns that he should not use the Evil Containment Wave move against this opponent as he (the Turtle Hermit) could die.

Episode 106 recap

In the episode titled “Find Him! Death Match Against An Unseen Attacker,” Muten Roshi rests for a bit after his fight with Ganos and asks Goku to continue the battle.


Elsewhere, Dr. Rota challenges Gohan and Piccola and the former tells them that he will show them why he is called the doctor. However, before he could explain, a ki attack shoots the doctor down.

Gohan and Piccolo are forced to take cover as they are unable to find the source of the ki attacks. However, later in the episode, they can figure out that there are tiny floating balls operated by someone from Universe 2 who is helping the real sniper. It is revealed that Hermila from Universe 2 is the sniper who with the help Prum is attacking the Warriors.

Towards the end of the installment, Tenshinhan manages to eliminate Hermila, but in the process, he is eliminated too. Stay tuned for more updates, news and DBS spoilers.