Netflix’s “Death Note” received a lot of reactions from fans upon its debut. The streaming company’s take on the classic anime and manga with the same name wasn’t very successful. Fans couldn’t stop complaining about the American adaptation and how bad it was, saying it strayed too far from the original. According to many viewers, the American version failed to tell an amazing story and feature a cast of well-written characters.

The incidents of fan reactions further amplified when some people took to Twitter and started trolling the movie director, Adam Wingard.

Wingard deletes his Twitter account

If you’re curious about what happened after all the fan rage, look no further than what happened to Wingard’s Twitter account.


According to a report, the “Death Note” director’s Twitter no longer exists. Apparently, the sudden account deletion happened after a massive Twitter spat between “Death Note” fans and Wingard.

Many people reached out to the director after watching the movie. Some fans gave constructive criticism about his work but some were just plain rude. Fans didn't take kindly to the changes he made. Many considered it too blasphemous and trolled Wingard online.

The director didn’t go out without a fight. He responded to the fan hate by telling “trolls” that the “artist” always wins in the end. After some time, he uploaded a second statement saying that the users who commented on the first tweet just exposed themselves as trolls. However, after all this, the director deleted his Twitter account.

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Death threats?

Wingard’s decision to delete his Twitter account was abrupt and nobody saw it coming. A lot of fans say he deleted his account because of death threats. So far, the director has not yet revealed the reason for his Twitter exit.

Netflix’s “Death Note” is the American adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The manga follows a story of a young high school boy named Light Yagami who happens to find a Death Note dropped by a Shinigami called Ryuk. After receiving the notebook, Light discovers that he can punish criminals by killing them. The story follows his descent to madness and eventual downfall. The anime adaptation of the hit series was praised for its amazing directing and voice acting, perfectly capturing the manga.


Meanwhile, the American adaptation didn’t fare well. Netflix’s “Death Note” even received a Rotten Tomatoes score of 41%.