My Hero Academia” is slowly making its name to the top of the most popular anime of today. The anime of the hit manga by Kohei Hirokoshi has captured the hearts of many anime fans because of its lovable characters and amazing storyline. Today, the second season of the show is currently on air.

With its growing success and international fame, is “My Hero Academia” season 3 going to happen soon?

Twitter news

Recently, Twitter has been talking about “My Hero Academia” season 3. People can’t stop talking about the anime after Yonkou Productions tweeted news regarding the series.


According to the note, the reporter has confirmed that “My hero Academia” will be getting a third season.

It’s no surprise that the anime will be given a third season. After all, the manga has a lot of arcs to cover and fans are demanding more episodes. However, this report doesn’t guarantee anything as Yonkou Production is not the official source for the anime. Fans will have to look out for the manga’s official publication, the "Weekly Shounen Jump" for confirmation.

Despite not being a reliable source, fans are still happy to hear the news.

This kind of news can only mean that the series is getting more popular and that the anime studio just has to make more episodes. “My Hero Academia” is really proving itself to be one of the best shounen anime to date. Together with a massive storyline to cover, the anime has plenty of room to explore.

What can we expect in season 3?

If “My Hero Academia” is indeed getting a third season, then the anime still has a lot of stories to explore. The upcoming episode called “encounter” is the last chapter in the “Final Exams Arc” and the 25th episode of the second season.


Here, Izuku and his friends go out to the city to enjoy the weekend. However, while standing alone, Deku is approached by One-for-All’s disciple Tomura Shigaraki. The enemy talks to Izuku and tells him more about himself and his organization.

Since “Encounter” will be the 25th episode of “My Hero Academia” season 2, it might it be its last. The next arc might just be animated on the third season.

The “School Trip Arc” continues with the events after the final exams. The story is set to follow the UA students during their summer break.

To train themselves more extensively, the students go to an intensive training camp headed by the hero team called The Pussycats. During their training, the facility suddenly gets attacked by the new squad of villains headed by Tomura. Their goal is to kidnap and recruit Katsuki Bakugo to join their ranks. Only to be stopped by the teachers, students, All-might, and Bakugo’s determination himself.

There is plenty to be excited about around this anime and fans are waiting with bated breath for a third season.