So far, the source of excitement in the Tournament of Power are the battles that pit mortals against mortals. The Gods speculate on outcomes with their angels, Kais, and fallen warriors and so far, there is no way to measure the Gods' strength and rank them accordingly. Their angels can see the difference in power between each God Of Destruction, but there is no way to rank them. They can be ranked according to their physical appearance, but this does not measure their power. The latest chapter of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga might change what we think of the Gods.

Tournament of Power announced

The Tournament of Power is currently in the middle of the arc when you have the anime as your reference.


But the Tournament of Power was just announced in the manga. Instead of Zeno-sama calling out for Goku, the Saiyan was the one who went into Zeno's palace to remind the King of All about his promise to clean up the universes. Mainly because of boredom, the two Zenos agreed to host the tournament and ordered the Grand Priest to gather all the Gods of Destruction, their angels, and their Kais.

Changes in the Manga

What happened next was not in line with what happened in the anime. Zeno-sama did not order a Zen exhibition match to take place. Instead, he went on to test the concept of a battle royale by pitting all the Gods of Destruction against each other. The Angels are not obliged to participate, and no mortals fought.

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Even from the start, Beerus became the target of his fellow Gods. At least four Gods attacked him at the beginning of the match. I can't really blame the other Gods; their survival was put in danger by a Universe 7 mortal. That mortal is Goku, Zeno-sama's dearest friend. They cannot hurt Goku but they can and will make Beerus pay.

Even though Beerus was surrounded by his fellow Gods of Destruction, he was able to fight and outsmarted his enemies. He dodged all the attacks thrown at him but was cornered by Mosco, the God of Universe 3. While he was held captive, the other Gods started to charge in with attacks. Seeing that the Gods were unified in their attacks, Beerus escaped Mosco's grasp at just the right time, and Mosco was left to deal with the attacks.

Beerus as the strongest God of Destruction

Gods of Destruction, are the most Powerful beings in their universes, apart from the Angels.


Beerus was not only fighting against common opponents, he was fighting against the most powerful beings of the other universes. He had to fight not just one, but seven other Gods. It is too early to assume much as the exhibition match only just started and at this stage of any tournament, no one fights with their full power. With Beerus holding out against such powerful opponents, it is something that can be considered to be a massive display of strength.