We all know that famous theory that Vegeta is going to be eliminated next episode because he was next to Tien Shinhan in the anime ending. That theory might be true or not, but it is best not to take that theory seriously. Most of the "Dragon Ball Super" fans wanted to see Vegeta stay longer in the Tournament of Power. He is one of the most powerful Universe 7 members after all, and it would be a great loss to Universe 7 if he will be eliminated.

But what if his unfortunate fate was hinted by one of Akira Toriyama's crew? Now, that's another story to tell. And we don't want that story to happen.


Vegeta's performance in Tournament of Power

The Prince of Saiyans is so far doing good. He blasted off Prum and Dr. Rota last week. He is also the one who thought the way of neutralizing Prum's attacks by his suggestion of using boulders. One of his greatest contributions to Universe 7 is helping Goku defeat the Universe 9 thugs. And as of this writing, he has the record for the highest eliminated head count.

Though his achievements are considered significant enough, there's one reason why fans don't want him to be eliminated yet. He's yet to have a major battle against a major character. Fans are still hoping for a Vegeta vs. Cabba fight.

And of course, who wouldn't want to see the Prince to redeem himself against Hit?

DBS writer about Vegeta's fate

"Dragon Ball Super" writer Toshio Yoshita was asked by fans about Vegeta's fate. The writer gave out vague answers, but he confirmed that Vegeta would fight in the next episode.This is something that Vegeta fans would love and hate. Vegeta will have a moment, but it also raises his chances to be eliminated. Toshio was urged by some fans to reveal more, but the writers said that he couldn't say any other spoilers.


Perhaps, the biggest spoiler is when Toshio answered: "That's a secret" followed by a smirking emoticon. That simple emoticon could mean a lot of things. It might mean that we are just getting silly over fan theories and such. But it can also mean that we got the answers right, and Vegeta will be eliminated next episode.

If things got unfortunate, and Vegeta will really get his elimination, that's the biggest problem the Universe 7 will be facing yet. There are still formidable enemies in the tournament of power.

Master Roshi is tired, Piccolo's stamina is wasted, there is no news about the twin androids, and Frieza is a potential enemy. If Goku would need to give all his power in his fight against Jiren, there will be no one to take enemies like Hit, Kale, and Toppo.