Zeno-sama's destruction power is limitless. He is the God of the Gods of Destruction, and anything he deems unfit to his multiverse will get erased if he wants. All the other Gods are afraid of Zeno-sama. No one dares to stop him when he wants to do anything for fear of getting erased. Of course, the Grand Priest is a different case. Another case is Goku, who managed to build a friendship with Zeno-chan.

But when Zeno-sama decides that he wants to erase a universe, he will erase it.

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And there's no reason he would want any universe he erased to be revived again. Here's the reason why Universe 9 and Universe 10 will be gone forever in "Dragon Ball Super."

No power is greater than Zeno's

There are theories which say that Goku will win the Tournament of Power and then he will wish for the revival of the erased universes from the Super Dragon Balls.

If this is possible, then it can be assumed that there is more powerful force than Zeno (the Super Dragon Balls creator).

There is a theory that the erased people from universes aren't dead. They just become nothing because of Zeno's power. And when you remove Zeno's power, the erased universes will be revived.

If Goku wished for the erased universes' revival, there is no guarantee that Super Shenron can grant the wish. If the wish can be granted, after all, there's no way that the two Zenos will permit it. The two Zenos hosted the Tournament of Power to erase Universes that are not worth keeping (aka low mortal rates). If someone wished to bring back what he erased, he would be enraged. Making that wish would be disrespectful in the eyes of the Omni-King.

Goku might win the battle but might lose the war

Universe 7 has a solid chance right now to win the tournament.

The biggest threat, Universe 11, only has three members, and one of them is Jiren the Gray. He is known for theories to be the mortal more powerful than some Gods of Destruction. Goku might be able to defeat Jiren in a desperate attempt to help his team [VIDEO]win the tournament. But the fatigue that he will get from the intense battle will render him not functional to defend himself or to fight others. Universe 7 will find themselves in a tough situation if there are fighters like Hit and Toppo still existing in the tournament. With this, there is no way Goku would

With this, there is no way Goku would wish for the revival of the erased universes. It is not even sure if he will make that wish should U7 stand victorious.