There are 29 more minutes remaining in Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power, and we’ve seen the Omni-King wiping out one specific warrior and not the entire universe. Goku and Jiren’s impending battle has been highly-anticipated, which will finally take place as soon as the anime returns next month. Most fans expect Goku to win the deadly battle royal despite the immeasurable power of Jiren, a member of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. If the Saiyan fighter wins, fans are wondering if he would have his own God of Destruction killed [VIDEO].

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How possible is it?

Super Dragon Balls

Shin, the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 recently said that whoever wins in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power will have a chance to wish on the Super DBs [VIDEO].

Angel Whis also revealed that these DBs can also have the gods killed off. Everyone is looking forward to Goku’s victory in the deadly martial arts tournament despite his expected fallout when he goes head-to-head with Universe 11’s strongest warrior. His battle with Jiren though is not the tournament’s finale as Hit is expected to fight the Pride Trooper following his climactic battle against Goku. Theories have it that the Universe 6 warrior will step in to distract the muscular humanoid fighter in an attempt to give Goku more time to recover from his overpowering new form.

Goku’s wish

When Shin and Whis revealed about what can Super DBs can do, fans start to wonder if Goku would wish to have Lord Beerus killed instead.

The God Of Destruction blames the Saiyan for suggesting the Tournament of Power. “Who do you think is responsible for all this?!!! Quit being such an idiot!!!” he told Goku. However, the latest chapter of the manga version of “Dragon Ball Super” has proved that Goku shouldn’t be blamed for it but Beerus himself. According to the gods, the Omni-King almost wiped out all universes due to his rage when the U7 god did not show up during the impromptu meeting that the deity fancied.

The Omni-King wanted to play a game with his underlings but Beerus did not come out and took a fifty-year nap instead. The gods tried to calm down the deity as he is furious about the U7 god’s absence. Beerus has fought off Goku before and blaming the latter for his own mistake might push the Saiyan to have his own god wiped out in “Dragon Ball Super." In terms of power, the Gods of Destruction have been always above the rest of the fighters. Thus, the Super DBs might be the only easiest way to kill off the gods.

What do you reckon about the possibility that Goku might wish to have Beerus killed? Will “Dragon Ball Super” allow the franchise’s main protagonist kill his own God of Destruction?