Dragon Ball Super” might be on break right now but this doesn’t stop fans from creating their own theories and speculations about the anime’s ultimate Tournament of Power. The latest episode just had Frieza double cross Frost when he staged an attack on Gohan to prove his loyalty to his universal counterpart. It turned that he betrayed the Universe 6 warrior instead and even branded him as an amateur and told him he will never join forces with someone like him. Fans know that the resurrected villain has been the franchise’s most iconic characters and the Saiyan race is his ultimate arch-enemy. That being said, people are wondering about his real intentions of joining this deadly battle royal.


Frieza’s villainous intentions

Dragon Ball Super fans know that Frieza was only resurrected by Fortuneteller Baba through Goku’s request so he can join team Universe 7 in the tournament. The former Emperor Of Evil made a pact with the Saiyan that if he helps the team win, his resurrection will be for good. Apparently, this is just one of his main reasons why he joined the team despite the fact that he despises Goku and his friends. Now, it seems that these fan-made theories gave more insights into the resurrected villain’s intentions in joining the Tournament of Power.

Does he want more power?

On Twitter, fans have been hyped with Frieza’s real intentions. One “Dragon Ball Super” fan suggests that the former emperor of evil aims to become the Omni-King and knowing his greed in power, it’s not impossible. Other fans also suggest that he might even want to be more powerful than the Zen-Ohs and he might have been planning to kill Lord Beerus, the God Of Destruction of Universe 7. He has been seen cursing the god behind his back. Apparently, the resurrected villain definitely has something gnarly up his sleeves.


Will he betray Universe 7?

It has been a long-time speculation among “Dragon Ball Super” fans that Frieza will eventually betray his team. That’s why when it was teased that he will conspire with Frost; everyone was already looking forward to seeing him smirking once again towards Goku and the rest of the team members.

We can recall when he first met Frost and was surprised that there is another emperor that looks like him in so many ways. Despite the fact that he has a universal counterpart, both emperors smiled at each other and talked.

However, many “Dragon Ball Super” fans were skeptical if they ever developed a deeper friendship knowing that both of them are heartless and narcissist. With Frost being wiped out by the Omni-King, we’re pretty sure that the resurrected villain has terrifying plans down the road.


Yes, the good ‘ole Frieza!