Chapter 106 of "Dragon Ball Super" was recently released, and in it, the second warrior to be eliminated from Universe 7 in the tournament of power was revealed.

Tenshinhan, who showed remarkable participation in the fight in the episode, was eliminated against Hermila. At the same time, Goku and Vegeta defeated Prum, removing two difficult warriors from the tournament.


One of the first observations I made was Piccolo being hit by a powerful blast from Prum, causing the loss of his arm. The super namekian warrior soon regenerated it, however. The interesting thing about this is that everything indicates that when he regenerates a limb, his energy and stamina are severely affected.


This information was unknown and reveals to us that the power of Piccolo will not be the same afterward.

Prum, a warrior of universe 2, has some similarity to the character of the series "Naruto Shippuden" by the name of Gaara. Gaara has a technique called the "Eye of the Desert", in which he creates a small sphere with an iris shape with which he can see everything around him.

In addition to being similar to Gaara, Prum's energy-reflection technique is very similar to that of the "Pokémon" named Wobbuffet, who possesses an attack identical to that of the Warrior of Universe 2.

A very strange thing that happened in the episode that was badly interpreted by fans. In the 12th minute of the episode, Vegeta mentions having used the "Kikouha". Kikouha is a generic name given to energy, but not the technique used by Tenshinhan.


The best scene of the episode

Personally, I believe that the best scene of the episode was the sacrifice made by Tenshinhan. His character received criticism recently, with viewers saying that his performance was forgettable. However, I believe that Tenshinhan did a great job of taking Hermila with him since the strategy between Him and Prum was a nuisance for all the warriors of universe 7.

This was the most recent news from the world of "Dragon Ball." Until the next time, you can watch the video below to see the progress of the upcoming chapter of “Dragon Ball Super," which comes to us through leaked information about this saga.

Remember that on September 10th there will be no episode because of a festival in Japan.


The broadcast schedule for "Dragon Ball Super" will be replaced by a specialist on Japanese television to commemorate this particular day. Next August 17 will be released chapter 107 and you can watch it through pages like Crunchyroll.