Universe 7’s next warrior to get eliminated in "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power has been making noise among fans these past few days as speculations arise that it’s going to be Vegeta. Apparently, fans are disappointed to learn that the prince of all Saiyans will get eliminated too soon especially that his role in the battle royal is still important. Team Universe 7 already lost Krillin and Tenshinhan but fans are obviously not ready to see another U7 warrior bid goodbye.

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One of the hit anime’s voice actors teases this possibility [VIDEO].

Will he get eliminated?

Yamcha’s Voice Actor, Toshio Yoshita recently asked Dragon Ball Super fans to watch out for the impending battle between Roshi, Frost and another fighter.

Fans were quick to speculate that it might be Vegeta, which was recently confirmed in a new synopsis of the anime’s upcoming episode. Yoshita also confirmed that the prince of all Saiyans would get back into action, but when a fan asked whether Vegeta is the next warrior to get eliminated, the voice actor only replied with a brief “That’s a secret” with a smirking emoji [VIDEO].

Fans are nervous

Looking at Yoshita’s reply, “Dragon Ball Super” fans have the reason to get nervous especially that a recent theory somehow coincides to the possible elimination of Vegeta. In the anime’s opening shot for Universal Survival Arc, a montage features the Universe 7 Warriors that makes us wonder if the order hints the elimination of the team. So far, the order has confirmed Krillin and Tenshinhan’s elimination, which will be followed by the prince of all Saiyans.

If the theory turns out to be correct, then Vegeta fans should prepare for a heart-rending episode that will deliver his ultimate defeat in the battle royal.

What about Master Roshi?

Long before Vegeta’s possible elimination in “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power, Master Roshi was suspected to be the next Universe 7 Warrior to get eliminated after Tenshinhan. Over on Reddit, a Redditor shared his own theory of the team’s order of elimination, which was based in the second opening shot of the anime’s current Universal Survival Arc. The opening shot also featured the U7 Warriors holding the starred dragon balls. Krillin can be seen holding the item with one star that signifies that he’s the first warrior to get eliminated. Apparently, it did happen when Frost caught him off guard and knocked him out of the arena.

Tenshinhan holds the two-starred item. Obviously, he was the second U7 Warrior that was eliminated when Hermila shook him off the battle arena. Interestingly, holding the three-starred item is Master Roshi, and it’s possible that he is next especially that he will use the Evil Containment Wave in his upcoming battle. What do you think, “Dragon Ball Super” experts?