Dragon Ball Super” will soon introduce Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation and there have been several theories about it including one that says it’s going to be violent. The new form’s image has also been teased with the Saiyan warrior showing his infamous spiked-hair although it remains black. His eyes are also silver in color and fans suggest that it’s possible that he’s transforming into a Kai. His white-blue aura completes his bulky features but what keeps buzzing is that a recent theory is claiming that the new form is going to be violent [VIDEO].

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However, one of the anime’s voice actors ruled out these rumors and said it’s fake.

Goku’s new form is not violent

Recently, a Dragon Ball Super fan asked Toshio Yoshita (Yamcha’s Voice Actor) about the theory that Goku’s brand new form will be violent, which will awaken the original “brutal and cruel Saiyan genes.” According to the theory, the violent history of the Saiyan race will be awakened through Goku’s brand new form.

It is said that Universe 7 is familiar with this. However, Yoshita discredits this theory, saying that it’s fake and that the truth has never been leaked since the new transformation was teased.

The brand new transformation will be a unique one

“It’s a name beyond our imagination,” Yoshita previously replied to a fan query about the name of Goku’s new form in “Dragon Ball Super.” “Hats off to Mr. Toriyama for the creativity. Please look forward to the TV broadcasting.” It’s been also teased that the new form will absorb the Spirit Bomb, which is not considered canon in the anime. Future Trunks first used this in “DBS” to create the Sword of Light during his fight with Future Zamasu. It was very powerful he succeeded in defeating his opponent.

The Spirit Bomb with the new transformation

In “Dragon Ball Super,” using the Spirit Bomb is unusual, but Goku is expected to use this energy attack while in his brand new Super Saiyan form.

The energy blast was first introduced in “DBZ: Super Android 13” when Goku transformed into SS and absorbs the energy at the same time. According to some fans, the fusion is going to be incredibly powerful it might detach the Saiyan fighter from his consciousness. It is also said that it’s going to be stronger and more powerful [VIDEO] than Universe 7’s God of Destruction, Beerus.

Either way, we’re pretty sure that Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation is going to be stunning and incredible. It is set to debut when he finally fights against Jiren The Grey in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 109. Their highly-anticipated fight will be showcased during the anime’ one-hour TV special on October 8. Stay tuned!