There are only less than half the participants left in the Tournament of Power. With two universes erased and 34 minutes left, fans are expecting for more intense battles among the team elites. There are some fights that are officially confirmed, like the most anticipated Goku vs. Jiren [VIDEO] match which is expected to happen near the end of the Tournament. There are also matches most requested by the fans like Vegeta vs. Hit in which, even though written on many spoiler sites many times are not yet officially confirmed by any "Dragon Ball Super" authority.

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(Although Vegeta vs. Hit was kind of "hinted" by one DBS writer).

There are spoilers lately that went overboard and claimed that there are matches confirmed to happen.

Although I hate bursting your bubble of excitement, let's not expect these "claimed" spoilers to happen. Todd Blakenship confirmed that all the spoilers from a Twitter account that are circulating on the internet are in fact, unconfirmed. Of course, they can still happen, but until the official DBS team hasn't confirmed anything, take every spoiler with a Grain Of Salt.

Frieza VS Toppo: FAKE!

Even though this Frieza vs. Toppo, Evil vs. Justice concept is a great one, the spoiler about this fight is fake. The spoiler stated that Frieza will transform into his mastered Golden form and will fight against the Pride Troopers' leader: the mighty bearded Toppo.

This is a fake spoiler [VIDEO], but one that is very exciting at the least. Though there are rumors that Jiren will be the one who will eliminate the likes of Frieza and Vegeta from Universe 7 before gunning down Goku.

Before Frieza, Gohan was the one everyone is rooting to fight against Toppo. This is mainly because Goku will be fighting Jiren and there's no time for him to fight Toppo. But seeing Gohan's performance as of this time, there is no way he can defeat Toppo. But I think Gohan and Piccolo can work it out...somehow.

Vegeta vs. Hit: UNCONFIRMED

This is still unconfirmed, but I do hope (we do hope) that this thing will be legit soon. The Prideful Prince of Saiyans was about to make his revenge on Hit since the beginning of the Tournament of Power, but Botama and Magetta prevented him from doing it. This is one of the most awaited rematches in the whole series. Vegeta is not naive to just attack Hit like that. He has something up his sleeves. His training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is not something to look upon lightly. Hopefully, this match will be given a chance in the Tournament of Power. To quote the opening song, "Even Zeno-Sama will be blown away" from this match.