Fans are excited about the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super."

It is confirmed that Goku will be seen in an all new, shiny Limit Breaker transformation. This new avatar was evident in the teaser of the upcoming special episode, which will air on October 8. Goku's fans are excited as they saw it coming. But will Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans, be able also to attain this exciting form? Goku, no doubt, has a closet full of transformations and power-ups, but one cannot undermine Vegeta, who has fewer but more intense power-ups. He is the only Saiyan who was able to attain the now forgotten Majin form. Goku had a hard time fighting him in that form.

Who would forget that "My Bulma" moment during the Battle of the Gods' saga? It was one of those rare times when Vegeta finally surpassed Goku.


Vegeta sent Beerus flying with his spinning momentum. Goku's Super Saiyan 3 was even defeated by a simple finger tap.

If you haven't noticed already, Vegeta's transformations are unique and better than Goku's. Goku might have all the standard Super Saiyan transformations at his disposal, but Vegeta has more transformations exclusive to his character.

Vegeta to attain Limit Breaker form?

Vegeta was able to attain all the transformations that Goku has with the exception of the Super Saiyan 3. This is because of the fact that the transformations, which Goku successfully attained, were standard Super Saiyan transformations. Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan Blue, and the Super Saiyan God are standard transformations that can be attained by any Saiyan with potential.


Limit Breaker mode is confirmed to appear in the Tournament of Power. Whether it is a standard transformation or a form exclusive to Goku remains to be seen. If this is a standard transformation like the Super Saiyan 2, any Saiyan, including Vegeta, has the potential to attain this form.

The big difference

Even though Vegeta and Goku are powerful warriors, there is a big difference in their characters. While Goku is calm even while he is seething in anger, Vegeta tends to go into an attack frenzy. This was visibly evident in both "Dragon Ball Z" and "Dragon Ball Super."

In my opinion, if Vegeta were to attain a new form, I would rather see him in an advanced version of his Quake of Fury transformation.


Kakarot likes to break his limits and scale new heights, but what fuels Vegeta is his Saiyan instinct and rage. He would be more powerful in Quake of Fury than the Limit Breaker transformation.